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51. A. ______ Front Bumper Roof-top Warning Lamp

51. B.


Rear Bumper

The lamp shall have a single clear lens emitting light. Revolving three hundred sixty degrees (360°) around a vertical axis. The Light source shall be minimum of fifty (50) candlepower and flash eighty to one-hundred-and-twenty (80-120) times per minute. The base of the lamp shall be metal or approved equal and installed by a method, which seals out dust and moisture. A manual switch is required for operation and a pilot light to indicate when the light is in operation shall be included. Wiring shall be installed inside the bus walls. The warning light shall be permanently installed near the centerline on the school bus roof not more than one-third (1/3) of the body length forward from the rear edge of the bus roof. It shall not extend above the roof more than approximately six-and-one-half inches (6-1/2").

  • 53.

    Seat Backs, Increased Height Seat back heights shall be increased four inches (4") over the seat back heights required by FMVSS No. 222 and have heights of approximately twenty-eight inches (28").

  • 54.

    Seating Lap Belts:

Type C & D: Lap Belts are Optional (For each passenger seating position).

Lap belts conforming to FMVSS No.'s 209 and 210 are provided for each passenger position. The belt assemblies shall be alternately color coded with contrasting colors. All aisle seats on the same side of the bus shall have belts with the same color. Two (2) position seats shall use two (2) colors; three (3) position seats may use two or three (2 or 3) colors. Seat belts shall be provided which are adjustable to fit passenger sizes as required by FMVSS No.'s 208 and 209. Buckles shall be of the plastic covered push button design. The non-adjustable end shall be on the aisle side and may not extend more than two inches (2") out of the bight of the seat. If possible, the design shall prevent fastening the belts across the aisle.


Note: Installation of seating lap belts may reduce seating capacity. Seat: Lap Belt Ready:


Compliant with FMVSS 210 and no lap belts included. Seat: Lap/Shoulder Belt: (Indicate _______# of seating positions)

Lap/Shoulder belts meeting FMVSS 209 & 210 may be added to any size school bus. Indicate the number of seating positions requiring lap/shoulder belts in the space above. If you specify lap/shoulder belts when ordering a Type A school

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