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EXTINGUISHER, Fire: 1. Mounted in a bracket in driver’s compartment 2. Dry chemical type 3. 5 lb. 2A10BC or larger 4. U/L approved 5. Pressure gauge mounted and easily read without moving the extinguisher.


HEATER/DEFROSTER: 1. Heater shall be hot water 2. If only one, shall be fresh-air or combination fresh-air and re-circulation type 3. If more than one, additional heaters may be re-circulating air type 4. All forced air heaters bear nameplate indicating the heater rating 5. Hoses supported to guard against excessive wear due to vibration 6. Have an accessible ¼ turn ball-cock shut-off valve in the pressure line 7. Have an accessible ¼ turn ball-cock shut-off valve in the return line 8. Water flow-regulating valve installed in pressure line for operation by the driver 9. Accessible bleeder valves in the return lines 10. All defrosting equipment shall meet requirements of FMVSS #103


HORN: Must have dual note or dual horns


KIT, First Aid: 1. Hard plastic, moisture and dust proof kit 2. Easily removable without tools 3. Mounted in driver’ compartment (See spec for list of contents)


LAMP, Interior: 1. Mounted to provide adequate illumination of the aisle & step-well 2. At least four-recessed flush mounted interior lights in passenger area with one switch 3. If more than six lights are used an additional switch may be used 4. Driver area shall be illuminated with a light operated with a separate switch


LAMP, Step well: 1. Actuated by opening service door when the headlight/clearance lights are on 2. Must be installed to prevent a burn hazard


MIRROR, Interior: 1. Minimum 6” x 30” with rounded corners and protected edges 2. Either clear-view laminated glass or clear-view glass bonded to a backing 3. Type A can have a minimum of 50 square inches


BODY DATA (IDENTIFICATION) PLATE: 1. Permanently attached metal plate, with rivets, in driver’s area 2. Decals and glue are not acceptable

Section G-8








  • 5.

    Inside and outside pull handle. (See Specs for latch details)

  • 6.

    Inside header board full width of door, 3” wide & 1” thick.

  • 7.

    Door size 30” x 48” (style 2, single door type)

  • 8.

    Upper & lower glass panels. (upper panel , 299 sq. inches minimum). Lower panel

manufacturer’s standard) 9. Reflective material around perimeter on rear of bus




EMERGENCY ROADSIDE REFLECTORS: 1. 3 triangular warning devices, meeting FMVSS No. 125 2. Stored in a metal or heavy-duty plastic box in driver’s compartment 3. Container shall be secured with a bracket and shall be easily removed without use of tools C-6

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