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CIPS/IPMO UPDATE No. 2007-1                                       29 DECEMBER 2006

find the Update article on the subject you are looking for but also find out what other relevant policy or guidance exists.

(IPMO POC can be reached by e-mail at mailto:dcips@us.army.mil or by phone at DSN225-2443.  If sending e-mail, please put in your “subject line” – “UPDATE Index”)

     D.  IPMO Staff Listing.  Security procedures do not support listing the names of the Actions Officers from the Intelligence Personnel Management Office (IPMO) within each Update article.  We will list instead the following “address”- mailto:dcips@us.army.mil along with the POCs phone number.  If sending E-mail, please put in your “subject line” enough information so we can route it to the right action officer.  E-mail sent to this address will arrive at a common website where it will be screened on a daily basis and forwarded to the appropriate action officer.  The phone number listed with the “address” in any Update Article will be that of the appropriate action officer.

(IPMO POC can be reached by e-mail at mailto:dcips@us.army.mil or by phone at DSN225-2443.  If sending e-mail, please put in your “subject line” – “Staff Listing”.)

     E.  IPMO Websites.  

AKO    The IPMO has a Civilian HR website on AKO.  Click on “Army Organization”, then “Site Map”, then expand “Army Organizations”, then expand “Intelligence” and select “Civilian HR.”  This website for Civilian HR should be added to your “Favorites” on your AKO page.  You can do this by clicking “Add to my Favorites” at the top of your screen.

Internet/NIPRNET – ODCS, G-2 (DAMI-CP)


Intelink-S/SIPRNET – ODCS, G-2 (DAMI-CP)


Intelink-TS/JWICS – ODCS, G-2 (DAMI-CP)


Purpose and Intended Audience.  This Update on the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System

(DCIPS) and actions of the Intelligence Personnel Management Office (IPMO) are disseminated to:  Army’s DCIPS civilians and their supervisors through their Major Command and Activity Career Program 35 (Intelligence) Career Program Managers; to Senior Civilian Military Intelligence Leaders; and to Army’s Civilian Human Resource Community.  The information it contains is from authoritative sources but is in itself not regulatory in nature with the exception for articles with titles that include “(Policy Interpretation)”.  This issue, as well as previous issues, will be posted on the NIPERNET, SIPRNET and INTELINK-TS/JWICS to include AKO.   On the NIPRNET go to http://www.dami.army.pentagon.mil/offices/dami-cp/newsroom.asp  An important additional source of information on DCIPS is the DCIPS articles in Army’s Personnel Management Information Support System (PERMISS).  They can be viewed on the NIPRNET at http://cpol.army.mil/index.html.  Once there, click on Reference, then PERMISS and then on DCIPS.     

Questions, Concerns and Recommendations about DCIPS/IPMO Updates.  Direct concerns about the format, frequency and distribution to IPMO POC mailto: dcips@us.army.mil or by phone at DSN225-3689.  Direct questions concerning content of individual articles to the indicated IPMO staff POC.

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