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CIPS/IPMO UPDATE No. 2007-1                                       29 DECEMBER 2006

include a requirement for completing a range of courses listed in a Joint Leadership Development Curriculum (JLDC)  (See additional article below).

        4)  Climate Survey.  Last year and this year the DNI has conducted a Climate Survey throughout the Federal IC.  It is targeted at both civilian employees and military members but not yet at contractors.  It is a relatively short survey when compared to Army’s that is about four times longer and is often conducted about at the same time as Army’s.  Results for the IC will be compared to those for the Federal-wide community obtained by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  This year’s survey is just closing. Results will be shared in upcoming Updates.  

       5)  Health and Life Insurance Benefits.  The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation each have a Health Benefit plan developed just for their employees.  These plans have been part of OPM’s programs.  CIA’s program is called Compass Rose.  Not only does it have a Health Benefit plan but also life insurance options.  During the next several years these plans will be opened to DOD employees in the IC (generally just those in the DCIPS) as part of OPM’s programs.  We will keep you informed.  

       6)  Competency and Occupational Structure Development.  The new Human Capital system being developed by the DNI and USD(I) will be grounded on “competencies.”  These will be the job competencies and behavioral definitions that are determined to be key for success.  Many will be generic – needed by most all in the IC such as leadership competencies.  Others will be specific to major functions such as the Analysis, Collections, Acquisition, Science and Technology, and Management/Administration functions.  Competencies development is well underway.  A master IC Competency Directory will contain not only those developed by the ODNI but also unique and supplemental competencies developed by the USD(I) or another Intelligence Agency or Service.  The dictionary will contain a standard definition and will also depict the “sets of competencies” deemed required and desired for each career level of each major function or discipline.  Attainment of competencies by employees will be used in the upcoming DCIPS system to build/define job requirements and assist in determining:  qualifications for selections, reassignments and promotions; training and professional certification requirements; performance ratings; and, pay for performance compensation and awards.  

       7)  Additional DNI Initiatives.  Many more initiatives are coming from the ODNI.  

            a)  A National Intelligence Reserve Corps (NIRC) initiative is being started for those leaving the IC.  They will be asked to register for later consideration for reemployment if the Nation has to respond quickly to a crisis like 9/11 or to unusual surge requirements.  

            b)  The DNI is also developing a common automated Human Capital architecture and plan to bring the many different automated personnel management systems in the IC into alignment so that reporting and planning can be done jointly.  Common data standards will be used and a data warehouse will be developed.  

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