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CIPS/IPMO UPDATE No. 2007-1                                       29 DECEMBER 2006

Applicants must have completed a joint duty assignment and required training in order to be promoted above GG-15 or equivalent, unless an exemption or a waiver has been granted.  Applicants for promotion to GG-14 and 15 positions will also be given priority consideration if they have JDA certification over those who do not.   The requirement for joint duty will be phased in over several years, starting with the most senior civilian leaders.

      4)  There will be an annual IC-wide inventory of positions that provide and/or require Basic or Advanced Joint Duty.  The list will be posted for consideration throughout the Federal IC.  Agencies and Services will choose which positions, when vacated, they want to fill by those having or seeking JDA status.  These positions can be advertised either for permanent fill or fill by a time-limited rotational assignment.  Army will seek to balance those going out and those coming in on JDA assignments, especially those personnel on rotational assignments.  It is the DNI’s intention that Agencies and Services will be assisted with managing the rotational program by provision of additional high grade ceiling and reimbursement of salaries.  

5)  JDA opportunities will be advertised on IC websites accessible only to those already in the IC.  For permanent positions, employees will apply directly to the IC agency according to procedures in each vacancy announcement.  A significant number of the permanent JDA vacancy announcements are expected and will be the normal way employees will obtain JDA experience.  For rotational JDA positions, applicants will apply through Army command channels to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2 (Functional Chief) for referral to that other Agency, Service or Department.  We expect rotational assignment opportunities to be limited.  

      6)  Written claims will be the mechanism by which individuals actually get credited on their personnel record as having Basic or Advanced Joint Duty.  These claims will be adjudicated by the Army’s Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2.  The assignments will be recorded in the employee’s official personnel record.   Credit for previous assignments will be given as long as those experiences were not too long ago (assignments ending not earlier than January 1997 for ICAP assignments and Advanced Duty Assignments and 9/11 2001 for all others).   Similar time limits will be placed on the training required for the JLDC portion of the JDA certification.  

       7)  JLDC.  A plan to develop JLDC has not yet been published.  Employees will be able to attain JDA certification without it until it is available.  

       8)  Implementing Directives.  JDA is being implemented by IC Directive (ICD) 601 (published) and by IC Policy Guidance (ICPG) 601.01 (still in draft stage).  

(IPMO POC can be reached by e-mail at mailto:dcips@us.army.mil or by phone at DSN225-1070.  If sending e-mail, please put in your “subject line” – “JDA”)

    D.  Pending Termination of the IC Officer (ICO) Programs.  As stated in an article above, the ICO programs will be replaced by the JDA programs.  

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