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first survey 82% said “yes.” In the 2008 survey specific responses to question 7 fall into 4 categories, each related to skills learned as a Hartwick English major:

Written and oral communication skills - 22 Reading skills - 12

Analytical and critical skills - 5 Research skills - 4

One graduate calls the value of the English major “priceless.” Here are several other typical responses:

“The study of poetry made me better than any of my colleagues, most of whom studied only journalism.”

“In my work with its emphasis on human dynamics and creating a green campus environment, I have to have an imagination.”

“Without my background in literature and writing, I do not know if I would feel like a whole person and, therefore, could not be as successful as I feel today.”

“I often have [other] colleagues come to me for grammar and editing, and suggestions on phrasing.”

“I am a good writer because of my studies at Hartwick.”

Question 8: What recommendations would you make to English majors regarding their career plans and job searches?

Though answers to this question vary, they could be grouped within 7 categories:

1. Remember that English is a versatile major. (13)

“I think that having a B.A. in English is the most versatile degree a person can hold.”

“Go out and pursue your dreams; your B.A. will help you get there.”

“Look at all your options. Businesses want effective communicators. Publishing can be rewarding, both in an editorial and creative sense. Expand your knowledge outside of your major author or concentration. Look at art, theatre, film, travel.”

“Be flexible. An English major can take you anywhere and be useful in any field.”

“When someone asks you, ‘What are you going to do with an English major?’ respond with the following: ‘Anything I want.’”

“I think the English major is a very useful and versatile major. No matter what line of work you go into, you inevitably have to communicate with others.”


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