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“Take something you love to do, even if you haven’t mastered it, and incorporate it into your career. The mastery will come with time.”

4. Use your writing and communication skills on the job. (5)

“Decide if you like writing. If you do, commit yourself to it.”

“Effective communication is the key to so many positions. A solid background in writing is helpful in almost any field.”

“My ability to communicate well, both orally and through my writing, has set me apart from my colleagues (and some of my superiors).”

“Businesses want effective communicators.”

“The ability to write well is an asset in any field.”

“Writing has been incredibly useful in my career.”

5. Take advantage of resources at Hartwick College. (3)

“Use the resources available on campus to aid you in your job searches and to help you find a career that suits you.”

“The alumni network is strong.”

6. Consider attending graduate school. (4)

As the first two comments below demonstrate, alumni may have opposite opinions about important decisions such as the timing of graduate school.

“Take a year off between graduation and entering either a career or graduate school. Get some menial job or live off your parents or a friend and read for pleasure or write your own poetry or novel.”

“I would recommend going on for a master’s before pursuing a career.”

“To prepare for graduate school, spend time on your writing sample. Read widely in the field—outside of areas of interest—to get a sense of the debates and the terrain of the discipline.”

“Even if you don’t think you would like to attend graduate school, look anyway. Take the GRE while you remember everything.”

7. Teaching brings rewards and challenges. (3)

“Develop yourself—travel, have adventures, play! Do this especially if you want to go into education. There are a million English teachers out there, and the ones who distinguish themselves are the ones who have developed themselves with interesting experiences.”


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