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than one person is to add writing courses. Yet, fewer than 10% of respondents propose such changes. Here are the numbers of graduates who recommend additional writing courses and the specific courses they mention:

5 – more creative non-fiction

4 – computer courses for writers (including Power Point and Web sites

3 – more journalism courses 3 – courses about pursuing a career in writing and publishing

There are 5 graduates who express a lack confidence in their writing abilities and would have preferred a requirement that English majors take one of the following courses: advanced writing, “Anatomy of English,” business writing, composition, or grammar.

Two respondents who have gone on to graduate school wish that they had taken theory courses, and a third wishes that there had been a greater breadth of courses offered. A variety of recommendations address the challenges faced by English majors as they search for careers after graduation. These are two specific suggestions about this area of advising:

“I would recommend trying very hard to make students aware that the courses they take in college could make a big difference in their future careers. Inform students about what careers are out there.”

“[There needs to be] More of a push by professors for English Majors to get involved in Hartwick’s literary publications.”

Two respondents suggest new courses that would prepare students for the struggles that writers face:

“I always wished that there had been an elective course about the logistics of pursuing a future career as a writer. It’s a very daunting career choice because writers often are forced to fend for themselves.”

“Make future writers aware of the struggle of writing. It is a very lonely job, and most beginners have enough rejection letters to plaster a living room wall.”

Question 4: Share any suggestions or other comments about the English major at Hartwick College (e.g. “A” courses, the Senior Project, writing courses, etc.).

Approximately 18.6% of the respondents, 8 graduates, say that they “loved the English major” at Hartwick College, and 4 say that they “loved the courses” offered. The Senior


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