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Unprocessed film MCS™ Warranty

The following durability data are given for unprocessed film only!

In addition, 3M provides a guarantee/warranty on a finished applied graphic within the framework of 3M™ MCS™ warranty programs. Visit www.3mgraphics.com for getting more details about 3M's comprehensive graphic solutions.

Climatic zones

Graphic durability is largely determined by the climate and the angle of exposure. Find below a table showing the durability of a product according to the angle of exposure and the geographical location of the application.

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3

Northern Europe, Italy (north of Rome), Russia Mediterranean area without North Africa, South Africa Gulf area, Africa

Exposure types


The face of the graphic is ±10° from vertical.

Limitations of End Uses

3M specifically does not recommend or warrant the following uses, but please contact us to discuss your needs to recommend other products.

Graphics applied to

- flexible substrates such as 3M™ Panagraphics™ III Wide Width Flexible Substrate.

- low surface energy substrates or substrates with low surface energy coating. - painted or unpainted wallboards, gypsum boards and wallpapers. - stainless steel. - substrates with tendency of outgassing. - surfaces that are not clean and smooth. - surfaces with poor paint to substrate adhesion. - other than flat or simply curved surfaces.

Graphic removal from Graphics subjected to Important Notice

Note: When used on more diffucult surfaces stress relief cuts are recommended. - in between two sheets of glass - signs or existing graphics that must remain intact. - gasoline vapors or spills. - 3M Commercial Graphics Division products are not tested against automotive manufacturer specifications!


15 years

15 years

15 years


7 years

5 years

3 years

  • -

    Non vertical applications will have a significant decrease in durability!

Interior application


Interior Zone 1

Window means the interior application is on a window facing to the elements. Interior means an application inside a building without direct exposure

Zone 2

Zone 3

3M Europe

Product Bulletin 7725-3x

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