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Graphics Manufacturing

Flat, or rolled film side out on 130 mm (5 inch) or larger core. These methods help to prevent the liner from wrinkling or application tape, if used, from popping off.

Shipping finished graphics

Converting Information Electronic Cutting

Sharpness of knife blade Weight of knife blade


Temperature and relative humidity Roll storage Further information

Based upon cutting evaluations the minimum height for text is 10 mm using upper and lowercase Helvetica Medium. The stroke width should not be lower than 1 mm.

The variable characteristics of electronically controlled cutting equipment require users to verify their specific requirements. Dull blades impart a serrated look to the edge of the cut film. The ideal weight slightly scores the liner. Too little weight does not cut completely through the film and the adhesive. Excessive weight cuts the liner and causes the blade to drag, accelerating wear and creating a serrated cut edge on the film. The excess film should be weed (removed) as soon after cutting as practical. This is to minimize the effect of possible adhesive flow. Temperature and relative humidity are minor considerations, but avoid extreme or rapid fluctuating conditions.

Store the film in the same environment as the cutting equipment. For more details refer to our instruction bulletin 4.1 ‘Sheeting, Scoring, Film Cutting’, please.

>Instruction Bulletin 4.1'Sheeting, Scoring, Film cutting'<


See product bulletin ATR ‘application tape recommendations’ for information about selection and use of suitable application tapes for this product, please.

  • >

    Product Bulletin Application Tape Recommendations <

Refer to Instruction Bulletin 5.1 ‘select and prepare substrates for graphic application’, for general application

information. >Instruction Bulletin 5.1 'select and prepare substrates for graphic application'<

Maintenance and Cleaning

Use a cleaner designed for high-quality painted surfaces. The cleaner must be wet, non-abrasive, without strong solvents, and have a pH value between 3 and 11 (neither strongly acidic nor strongly alkaline).

Refer to Instruction Bulletin 6.5 ‘storage, handling, maintenance and removal of films and sheetings’, for general maintenance and cleaning information.

>Instruction Bulletin 6.5 'Storage, Handling, Maintenance and Removal of Films and Sheetings'<


This bulletin provides technical information only.

Important notice All questions of warranty and liability relating to this product are governed by the terms and conditions of the sale, subject, where applicable, to the prevailing law. Before using, the user must determine the suitability of the product for its required or intended use, and the user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

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