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Subject Product - Disability Access Analysis

(1) Accessibility requirements of individuals with disabilities;

(2) Means of communicating with individuals with disabilities;

(3) Commonly used adaptive technology used with the manufacturer's products;

(4) Designing for accessibility; and

(5) Solutions for accessibility and compatibility.

4.1.2. Analysis of the Application of CFR 1193.33 Accessibility of Web Site

Company Web sites are an increasingly important source of information for customers.  As a result customers who cannot see the Web site are denied a great deal of information the company wishes to make available to them.  In a separate document the Your Company Web site was analyzed for accessibility and recommendations for improvement were made.

Recommended Action: Make the core pages accessible, as recommended in the Web site evaluation.

Recommended Action: Have all pages made accessible when they are revised and updated. Accessibility of User Documentation

Users with visual impairments may not be able to use the documentation provided with the product.  Therefore, on request, user documentation should be available alternative formats for accessibility.  Text files can be accessed by a great many people who cannot read the document by having a “screen reader” read the file to them.  For those who know Braille that format makes the document accessible to the user.  As a practical matter an arrangement can be made with a service to print Braille copies of documents on demand.  This service is then only utilized when a request is received.

Organizations that are particularly sensitive to accessibility issues will go further and provide additional format options for their documents.  A relatively full list of formats for print documents is:

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