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Subject Product - Disability Access Analysis

Regular print

Large print

Cassette tape

HTML file

Word or WordPerfect 9 file

Braille file

ASCII text file

It is instructive to note that when it published the Section 508 standards on December 21, 2000 the US Access Board provided, “Persons who want a copy in an alternate format should specify the type of format (cassette tape, Braille, large print, or computer disk).”  This strongly implies that the offering of these four alternate formats are an adequate offering to meet the needs of almost all users.

It is very important that information about product accessibility be available to users.  The hearing aid compatibility category determined by ANSI C63.19 is a prime example.  How the product may be used in conjunction with a TTY device is another.  A point of contact within the company for other accessibility questions is a third important piece of user information.  This and other information on the products accessibility should be readily available to users and also available to users in alternative formats.

Recommended Action: Make user documentation available in text file, on disk, large print hard copy or through the Web site.

Recommended Action: Contact a Braille print service and establish a point of contact for Braille copies.

Recommended Action: Notify Customer Service of these arrangements.

Recommended Action: Place notice of these accommodations on the Web site. Documentation of Accessibility Features

The requirements call for “Providing a description of the accessibility and compatibility features of the product upon request”.  For the Subject Product this primarily means providing information on hearing aid and T-Coil compatibility and the ability to support VCO/HCO in conjunction with TTY calls.  It also means that customers should be made aware of the availability of alternate format customer documentation.

The FCC requires that manufacturers of telecommunications equipment provide it with a point of contact for questions related to accessibility.  This list is placed on the FCC’s Web site, at http://www.fcc.gov/cib/dro/section255_manu.html.  Consumers with inquiries or complaints are encouraged to first contact the company directly.  The FCC will also use this point of contact when it is investigating a complaint or inquiry.  This is often the same as the regular customer service department.  However, personnel must be trained to respond appropriately to such calls.  

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