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Subject Product - Disability Access Analysis

challenges and should be very usable by people with limitations of vision.

The other issue for those with vision limitations will be user documentation provided for the product.  A full discussion of what alternative formats are recommended is found under the “user documentation” section of the Section 255 analysis.

Recommended Action: Alternative formats should be planned and available on request.  

2.4.5. Accessibility for Limitations of Mobility and Manipulation

To don or doff the product will present challenges to some users with limitations of mobility and manipulation.  The fact that the product can be donned and doffed through a single-handed operation is a very positive accommodation.  The simple and intuitive design further accommodates these limitations.   No further accommodations than those provided are recommended.

Most of the requirements for user manipulation during use are effectively addressed by supporting voice recognition.  With voice recognition the requirement for user mobility and manipulation, once the product is donned, is greatly diminished and thus a very effective accommodation is provided.

2.4.6. Accessibility for Cognitive Impairments

Cognitive impairments cover a wide range of issues and are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to accommodate completely.  The requirements for “intuitive user controls” and the use of only two control switches are very positive.  The use of unique tones is another positive design feature.  The Subject Product is simple and intuitive to use.  Its design should prove very hospitable to a wide range of users.

Most of the accommodations discussed above for other limitations are also positive for various cognitive issues.  The use of voice recognition will be very effective in overcoming the limitations of some users.  Similarly, the requirement for single-handed operation also simplifies the product’s use and is a cognitive accommodation as well.

2.5. Capability Analysis Summary

The Subject Product is a well-designed and carefully specified product.  The attention to detail provided in the specification provides accommodation for most limitations, which can be addressed by this product.  The few issues raised in this analysis are summarized below and again at the end of the report, for convenience.

The following questions, issues, and recommendations are raised in the capability analysis:


The product should be tested for hearing aid T-Coil comp ability and the results provided in the user documentation.


Is additional volume adjustment possible over the +12 dB specified?


How effective is the acoustic coupling of the product, compared to similar products?


Can the product be configured to support VCO and HCO use with a TTY?

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