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Vol. 10  No. 1                                                                     January/February/March 2007             

From my desk ……

Hullo everyone     

Telkom SA Limited donated a laptop to the group and for this I am very grateful.  It has made running of the group much easier and less stressful.

As I sit here typing I watch the sea stirring up again into a rage and the wind whipping through my flat so fast that the windows have to be closed.  Please remember that we are living through strange times so it is important to dress in layers so that you can add on when it gets cold and take clothing off when it gets hot.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see snow outside my window in winter. <smile>  The changes in weather around the world are unbelievable.

Please remember to start having your flu vaccinations whilst you are well.  If you are a state pensioner I would go early for the vaccination because many clinics are short staffed and claim to be short of stocks.

There are going to be two polio immunisation campaigns over the next few months.  Watch the press for details.  I will also been notifying the

press in case government doesn’t.

I am devastated to learn that the polio immunisation is no longer compulsory in South Africa so it is up to us to tell anyone who will listen about the tragedy of polio and eventually, post-polio syndrome.  Teachers, you have the best opportunity because you relate to the youth on a daily basis.

The anti-vaccine campaigners claim that breastfeeding is sufficient to keep children’s immune systems healthy enough not to get diseases.  They have nothing but two opinions to clarify their views, views that hardly fit on an A4 piece of paper.

Electricity:  Please put lights off as you leave a room. It is no point wasting electricity “because we pay for it,” because we are going to “pay for it” by having none at all in winter when we need it most. It is criminal that we are having such problems with electricity and it is the likes of you and me who are paying for very bad planning because now they are going to increase the cost of electricity.

The usual radio stations and supermarkets will soon be asking for blankets for the street children, the tramps and generally poor.  I hope you can find it in your hearts to give to those who are less fortunate than yourself.  

I will continue with my KNIT/CROCHET FOR POLIO campaign and any donations of wool or clothing for

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