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             And I have a corn shirt here for you.  We not only make ethanol out of corn, we make shirts out of corn and you probably know about this because they actually do the process in Nebraska, but the company in Benson actually makes these shirts.  And we are right now working with the U.S. Department of Defense trying to convince them to buy corn shirts for our Marines and Special Forces people.  And I've had them out to Washington.  So these things are made 100 percent out of corn, and they're very soft, and they wick, so the moisture comes off through them.  So on a day like today you want something like this. And this is also a mug that is made completely out of corn.  So we're working hard as you know to make a lot of products out of corn besides what we're normally used to.  And those are for you to take back and do with whatever you want.  So thank you for coming.  We appreciate it. (Applause.) MODERATOR:  Thank you, Congressman.   REP. PETERSON:  I've got shirts here for the lieutenant governor and Gil too.  I'll give them later.  So. MODERATOR:  Okay, great. Now, Congressman Gil Gutknecht. REP. GIL GUTKNECHT:  Well, thank you, Lynn.  And again I just want to welcome the Secretary here.  I said, earlier at a news conference, in the short time that he's been the Secretary of Agriculture I think he's already demonstrated two things.  Number one, he is an activist.  I've been in Washington now when we passed two Farm Bills, and in both cases the Secretary of Agriculture played a very passive role.  And I think by being here and traveling around the country and having these listening sessions I think he's already demonstrating that he intends to be an activist as the Secretary of Agriculture. The other thing that I've been very pleased and I can report to you, he has quickly become the best salesman we have.  He has traveled to Africa, he has traveled to China, he is meeting with our trading partners and even our trading competitors.  And if there's ever a time that agriculture needs a great salesman, that time is now.  And I'm happy to report that we have a very good one.  So again, thank you for joining us today, Secretary Johanns.  We're delighted to have you here.  It's a good, warm day in southern Minnesota. MODERATOR:  Thank you, Congressman. [Applause.] MODERATOR:  And next with a formal introduction, Lieutenant Governor Carol Mulnau.

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