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farmable wetlands and the wetlands that we farm every year and we can’t go near them. And I know that’s another whole issue that hasn’t been brought up.

        The other issue that I would like to bring up is in crop insurance.  My son-in-law just started farming.  His dad quit farming a number of years ago but still owns the land.  He married into my family and wanted to start farming and I was willing to work with him and share machinery and do that.  But when he went to crop insurance, he had to take T yields because of no history.

      My son, who also started farming at the same time, got to use my yields at a very fair disadvantage for my son-in-law.  What these young farmers need is protection, not a handout.  Thank you.


     MODERATOR:  Thank you, sir.  The next question for the Secretary, please.

       MR. JEROME GRAF:   (sp)  Jerome Graf from Brown County, Springfield.  A quick comment on the 1031 land exchange.  I was talking with an attorney about a year ago and he said it had been around for quite a while. But years ago it was like-things for like-things.  Now we get real estate in the cities for farmland and all kinds of things like that.  So I think that’s where their problem has evolved on that.

     The other thing, several people have alluded to it already is the young farmers.  We need payment limits in place so producers do not farm the program and destroy the capability of young farmers to get started and the ones that are farming --  I think they're going to have to target these payments.  Everybody gets a certain amount.  And after that level you're out or -- because it's just unreal the way they're trying to do it.  So I thank you. [Applause.] MODERATOR:  Thank you very much.  Next question.  I want to remind our questioners, you each have two minutes.  Go ahead. MR. TED WINTER:  Mr. Secretary, my name is Ted Winter.  I'm a farmer.  I live down the southwest corner of the state, Murray County.  The question that I think needs to be addressed here is, why cuts?  Why $3 billion in cuts when we're spending hundreds of billions in Iraq to defend a country that we believe needs to be a democracy.  At the same time, the people who live in this country who are trying to farm and feed this nation and the world and supply the dollars and the resources for that war effort to be operated over in Iraq, are asked to take less because of some reason within the administration [inaudible]-- are within your power to make the changes to the President?  You're appointed by him to make that decision and work with farmers to go in there and fight for our values along with Congressman Gutknecht and Congressman Peterson and the rest of our U.S. congressmen, U.S. senators.  I mean that's your job.  And we out here as rural farmers you know are trying to do the daily work, try to make the profits that we can on farm programs that are sometimes not as friendly as they could be. LDP.  My friend says that means Low Damned Price.  It only works if you get the price of corn and beans down so low you can't hardly make a living selling it, and if you

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