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Six + One Traits of Writing (see scoring guide):

  • Ideas (details, development, focus)

  • Organization (internal structure)

  • Voice (tone, style, purpose, and audience)

  • Word Choice (precise language and phrasing)

  • Sentence Fluency (correctness, rhythm, and cadence)

  • Conventions (mechanical correctness)

  • Presentation (handwriting, formatting, layout)

Shared Writing: Shared writing is a collaborative writing experience between the teacher and the students. The students are encouraged to share ideas about a related experience or subject. The teacher supports the writing process as a scribe who records the ideas as the children watch. The children analyze and discuss various components of the text with teacher support.

Thinking Maps: Thinking Maps are eight visual-verbal tools, each based on a fundamental thinking process and used together as a set of tools for showing relationships.

Word Bank: A list of words according to a theme or content areas such as math, science, or social studies. This list is for the purpose of vocabulary development and writing.

Word Play: Games and activities used to develop vocabulary and word knowledge. These can be used in independent center activities and/or used as lessons and activities to develop vocabulary. Examples:

  • Alliteration – several words or a sentence that begin with the same letter or sound

  • Hink pink - One syllable rhyming words that answer a question (What is a chubby feline? – a fat cat)

  • Hinky Pinky - Two syllable words that answer a question (What would you call a tiny bird from New Zealand? – A peewee kiwi) A hinkety pinkety would be three syllable rhyming words that answer a question (What would you call a yellow fruit’s bright, large handkerchief? A banana bandana)

  • Hyperbole – a figure of speech that is an extreme exaggeration of the truth

  • Idioms – A saying whose meaning is different from the usual meanings of the individual words. To talk a blue streak is an idiom that means to talk a lot and often quickly.

  • Memory Games – Example: Concentration and various other vocabulary games

  • Onomatopoeia – words that imitate or suggest the sounds they describe (meow, crash crack, slurp, twirl, screech)

  • Personification – a figure of speech that gives a human quality to something nonhuman

  • Portmanteaus – Common words combined to form a new word (breakfast + lunch = brunch)

  • Proverbs – A saying that offers advice or offers an observation about life. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is a proverb.

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