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Written and Oral English Language Conventions Standard #2.0

Standards-Based Classroom

Grade Level: Second

What Student Will Spell

Spell grade level core high frequency list

Core Strategies Students Will Know and Use Word Preview Technique (Rebecca Sitton)

Formal/Informal Assessments Spelling Test

Spell grade level priority words correctly, in all writing. (See attached list)

Word Study Strategy (Rebecca Sitton) Stretch it – Expanding the sentence

Spelling grade from randomly pulled classroom written assignments

Finish it – Complete the sentence using spelling words

Cloze activities

Recognize misspelled words in written text

Word Study Strategy (Rebecca Sitton) Fix-it – Editing

Edit given sentences

Word Study Strategy (Rebecca Sitton)

Know and use common spelling rules:

  • CVC, CVC-e

  • Irregular words correctly

    • (e.

      g., was, were, says, said, who, what, why)

  • Spell basic short-vowel, long vowel, r-controlled, and consonant blend patterns correctly.

Add it – Create new words by adding additional letters

Spell words correctly using cloze techniques in a given paragraph

Find it – Generate words that fit into defined categories

Spelling grade from written assignment

Bear’s Spelling Inventory

Making words Sort it – Sorting activities

Word Study Strategy (Rebecca Sitton)

Spelling Tests

Spell commonly misspelled words correctly, homophones, look alikes

Student generated list of homophones and use them in sentences to show the same and different meanings

Correctly spells dictated sentences

Word Study Strategy (Rebecca Sitton) Practice writing dictation sentences

Word Study Strategy (Rebecca Sitton)

Select sentence where the homophone is used correctly

Edit sentences with errors in look alike words

Graded dictation sentences

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