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Word Banks: a collection of known high frequent spelling words harvested from frequently

read texts such as little leveled books, dictated stories, basal preprimers, and primers. Word banks words are sight words.

Word Mystery and History: from Rebecca Sitton’s Spelling Source Book. It is a Build

Spelling and Language Skill for understanding Greek or Latin root words and how words change their meaning with the addition of prefixes and or suffixes.

Word Preview Technique: from Rebecca Sitton’s Spelling Source Book. It is an

effective visual procedure for developing a strategy to see each sequential letter in a word.

Word Searches: see Grid Activities

Word Sorts: a basic spelling word study routine in which students group spelling words

according to categories. Spelling word sorting can be either closed or open sorts. Closed sorts involve classify words into predetermined categories, and open word sorts involves comparing and contrasting within and across categories. There are many types of sorts as identified in WORDS THEIR WAY.

Word Study Strategy: from Rebecca Sitton’s Spelling Source Book. It is the five researched based steps to visualize a word to learn to spell it.

Word Walls: is a wall of other surface in the classroom where spelling words students are

learning or have mastered are posted. Words could be: grade level priority (high frequency) words and core words (see Rebecca Sitton’s Spelling Source Book), words or commonly misspelled words from student writing, words using common spelling rules, homophones, and look alike words.

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