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To grade a test, the number of words right or wrong on each student's test may be recorded to contribute to an evaluation of a student's overall spelling performance.

After students' tests are corrected, note if several students missed the same word(s). If so, follow up with a discussion and have students write the word(s) , using the word study strategy, and/or have them write the words in sentences.

Further, students should record missed words in a Spelling Notebook. This is a pad of lined paper or a booklet made of a few sheets of students' writing paper with a construction paper cover. Students use it to record the words they missed on their Cloze Story Word Test or Sentence Dictation Test. These are a student's Spelling Words for at-school study. This makes a running record of errors. Routinely check students' Spelling Notebooks to make sure the words are spelled correctly and to identify words that recur. Then target students' study to recurring words.

Students should also record words missed on a Words to Learn sheet. This provides them with a personal study list of Spelling Words to take home. Each list is individualized to meet the spelling needs of each student. Students should study these words in preparation for subsequent Cloze Story Word Tests and Sentence Dictation Tests that automatically retest these words.

You, the student, or a parent may add words to the Words to Learn sheet in the section, More Words for Super Spellers. These words should have writing relevance for the learner.

There is no need for you to keep a separate record of students' errors. The Spelling Notebook kept by each student keeps track of these words for at-school review, and their Words to Learn sheet lists the words for at-home study. The automatic recycling of Core Words is so extensive that by giving the Word Tests and the Sentence Dictation Tests regularly, students systematically revisit all words for ongoing practice to ensure their long-term mastery.

The use of the Cloze Story Word Test and Sentence Dictation Test differ greatly from testing with a customary Friday Test. Foremost, the objectives of the tests differ. The purpose of the Friday Test is to test the spelling words to determine students' grades. It culminates the unit and the study of a predetermined list of spelling words. The objective of the Cloze Story Word Test and Sentence Dictation Test is to make the teaching and learning of spelling more efficient by identifying the words students have not mastered. These become a student's Spelling Words--targeted for study. The Word Test and Sentence Dictation Test are diagnostic and initiate the study of individualized lists of Spelling Words for each learner that are automatically retested on subsequent tests. For further distinctions, note the table on the next page--

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