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Intervention Programs to Support the Language Arts Curriculum

  • Language: Language! is a program developed by Dr. Jane Fell Green, Ed.D. It is designed to teach students all the essential skills of reading, language comprehension, and composition in a systematic, cumulative, sequential curriculum. The strength of the curriculum is its comprehensive and integrated treatment of language, pointed directly at the skills poor readers typically lack. Critical concepts about language are defined, ordered, and practiced in relation to one another. No level of mastery is assumed; all skills are taught directly, applied, and practiced. The structure of language is the focus of teaching. Lower- level and higher-level concepts at the sound, print, word, sentence, and text level are included in lessons that are balanced and comprehensive.

  • SRA:

The Direct Instruction approach teaches children increasingly complex skills and strategies by

using certain principles. First, all concepts are broken into subskills—small component skills that are taught

one—by—one. Second, each skill is taught so that students fully

nderstand it. Then, each skill is

practiced until it is completely mastered. In this way, students learn to generalize and apply strategies that

have been taught. The result for students is not only the ability to apply their information, skills, and strategies in real-life situations, but also greater confidence in their own ability to learn.


  • Field-tested reading, spelling, language arts, and math programs

  • Tightly-scripted lesson plans leave no guesswork for teachers

  • Interactive lessons require frequent verbal responses from students

  • Teachers monitor and correct errors immediately

  • Lessons are presented to small groups of students

  • Students are grouped by performance level

  • Frequent assessment of student progress means no child fails

  • Presentation books provide for maximum effectiveness and efficiency during instruction

  • Totally integrated skillbooks, textbooks, and authentic literature support the skills and strategies

presented in the Direct Instruction programs

  • SRA Corrective Reading Corrective Reading: (Grades 4-12) Corrective Reading is a complete core program that uses the Direct Instruction method to help students master the essential decoding and comprehension skills they need to not only read well, but learn well. This program is comprised of a carefully developed and tested program, a scripted presentation approach, and complete learning materials needed. This flexible program allows students to work in a decoding program, a comprehension program, or both. Includes a point system based on realistic goals to motivate students who often expect to fail.

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