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Corrective Reading Decoding For students who have difficulty reading accurately and fluently, the Corrective Reading Decoding programs accelerate learning through a unique blend of high-frequency practice and review. This tightly leveled intervention program progresses from teaching letter sounds and blending skills to reading expository passages typical of textbook material. Detailed data on performance allows students to monitor their own improvement and experience success. Corrective Reading Comprehension For students who read without understanding, the Corrective Reading Comprehension programs develop vocabulary, information, and comprehension strategies needed for academic success. This program helps underachieving readers develop higher-order thinking and reasoning tactics used by successful readers—applying prior knowledge, making inferences, and analyzing evidence. Lessons incorporate information from science, social studies, and other content areas to build general knowledge and develop study skills.

Rewards: Help struggling readers meet and surpass grade level expectancies! In this 20-lesson program, a flexible strategy is outlined that can move students from an early elementary reading level to

one of increased fluency and comprehension.

Many students, while having mastered reading skills learned in first and second

grades, become “stuck”

on multisyllabic words, hindering their reading fluency and negatively affecting their ability to succeed in most subjects. The REWARDS method of “decoding” words by segmenting their parts is key to the creatively designed exercises in this program.

Students participating in this program will:

  • >

    Decode previously unfamiliar multisyllabic words containing two to eight

    • >

      Accurately read more multisyllabic words within one sentence.

    • >

      Accurately read more multisyllabic words found in science, social studies, and other classroom materials.

    • >

      Read content-area passages accurately and fluently.

    • >

      Experience increased comprehension as their accuracy and fluency increase.

  • Soar to Success:

Soar to Success is a research-based reading intervention program for

students in grades 3-8 who are reading significantly below grade level. It is a small-group model that uses motivating literature, reciprocal teaching, and graphic organizers in fast-paced lessons to help students in grades 3-8 accelerate their reading growth.

  • Read Naturally provides a method to improve reading fluency. Most struggling readers have fluency problems and spend little time reading. The Read Naturally program combines three powerful strategies for improving fluency: teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring.

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