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For sanitation we will provide minimum RDP standard toilet facilities so that the current estimated backlog of 75% ( 48 650 households) is reduced of total households ( 2 500 households ) per annum.


The facilitation of electrification of households within GLM so that the current backlog of 23% ( 16205 households ) is reduced by 5% of total households ( 3 500 households) per annum.

Streets,Roads, Bridges and Storm Water.

Streets in the communities will be looked after strongly ,main roads will be tarred including the construction of the bridges and maintenaining and rehabilitation of the streets will be also looked in to .


The improvement of schooling facilities by the reduction in the backlog of classrooms per annum and the provisioning of infrastructural services to schools within GLM will be done with immediate effect.


The improvement of the community of GLM with regard to health and health facilities will be lmproved , with immediate effect.

Local Economic Development

The promotion of growth and development of the local economy in order to contribute to the creation of jobs and reduction of poverty for the improvement of the standard of living of the residents of the municipality as an ongoing process through the support of the sustainable LEDF projects through Municipal Integrated Grant and the marketing of the Municipality to investors.

Municipal Institutional / Financial Capacity

The provision of effective management and administrative services to the resident community by the responsible application of resources to address the needs of the people. Housing

Provide housing towards eradicating the estimated backlog of 48%( 30 000) by 3% ( 2000 housing units ) per annum within Greater Letaba Municipality.

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