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471 Pennsylvania Avenue is the Clean Machine Car Wash, located near the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Commerce Drive. It is located in the existing 100-year floodplain, however, the property will be in the 50-year floodplain after the dams are built. The owner has owned and operated the business for 30 years and has endured several storm events. Just in the past year he reports that the property received minor flooding on three separate occasions. As of late, the flooding has only been a few inches of water toward the back of the property near the self-serve wash bays, leaving only mud on the pavement. The office is on the second floor over the wash tunnel, which hasn’t received water in ten years. He did mention that the nearby intersection gets flooded to the degree of the road being closed, but this level of flooding never reaches his property. Several upgrades have been made to the business over the years. Because of these improvements and the favorable location of the business, the owner intends to remain at the current location.

524 Pennsylvania Avenue Property Description:

  • Ownership: Lukoil of North America LLC

  • Contact:

  • Parcel Size: 0.68 acres

  • Building Size: 2,436 square feet

  • Current Use: Service Station/Convenience Store

  • Current Tenants: Lukoil

  • Assessed Value: $513,230

524 Pennsylvania Avenue is the Lukoil service station and convenience store, located right at the entrance to the PA Turnpike. Like its neighbors, the property will be in the 50-year floodplain and considered highly flood-prone after the dams are built. The current owner purchased the property in 2009. We were unable to contact a manager at the station. However, because of the recent purchase and investments in the property, we are assuming the company intends to keep the station at the current location.

Building is Vacant

A second category of property types in the FWOP is a vacant building. Two such properties exist in one of the most flood-prone areas of the Office Park.

475 Pennsylvania Avenue Property Description:

  • Ownership: 475 Pennsylvania Avenue LLC

  • Contact:

  • Parcel Size: 0.65 acres

  • Building Size: 1,392 square feet

  • Current Use: Vacant

  • Current Tenants: N/A

  • Assessed Value: $332,940

475 Pennsylvania Avenue is a vacant service station located at the corner of Commerce Drive and Pennsylvania Avenue. The property will be in the 50-year floodplain upon completion of the dams. The

Technical Memorandum #1UDT: Characteristics of Flood-Prone Parcels


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