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  • Current Tenants: Abria Health Care, Tot Time, Fastenal

  • Assessed Value: $1,079,620

430/440 Virginia Drive is located at the corner of Virginia Drive and Delaware Drive. The building is managed by Fidelity Commercial and will be in the 25-year floodplain and also considered highly flood- prone upon completion of the dams. The manager contacted the building owner (who also owns 575 Virginia Drive), who says the biggest advantage of the FWOP is location. He says the biggest challenge, however, is flooding and the loss of tenants because of it. Prospective tenants are questioning the reputation of the FWOP due to flooding. He thinks the yellow flood signs exacerbate the problem by scaring away potential tenants. The owner reports that there are no options to renew for any of his tenants, so they are looking to leave his building. While he believes actions must be taken by the Township to mitigate the flooding problem in general, he is interested in relocating his property out of the floodplain.

1035 Virginia Drive Property Description:

  • Ownership: HRPT/HUB Properties Trust

  • Contact: David Campoli (manager)

  • Parcel Size: 2.34 acres

  • Building Size: 30,720 square feet

  • Current Use: Office

  • Current Tenants: CHI Systems, Primerica Co., Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems, Color Chief Painters,

REIT Management & Research

  • Assessed Value: $3,820,000

1035 Virginia Drive is a mid-size multi-tenant building located along the PA Turnpike. The property will be in the 25-year floodplain and considered highly flood-prone after the dams are built. The building is owned and managed by HUB Properties Trust. Unlike the building at 475 Virginia Drive, the manager says flooding has been a problem at the 1035 Virginia Drive location in the past. Therefore, he believes that this property could be a potential candidate for relocation and is willing to consider the possibilities.

565 Virginia Drive Property Description:

  • Ownership: William Weinberg Trustee/Marc Weinberg

  • Contact: Maureen O’Neill, Marketing Systems Group (tenant)

  • Parcel Size: 2.1 acres

  • Building Size: 14,868 square feet

  • Current Use: Office

  • Current Tenants: Marketing Systems Group

  • Assessed Value: $1,101,950

565 Virginia Drive is located in the severely flood-prone central portion of the FWOP, and in the 50-year floodplain upon completion of the dams. While we were unable to contact the building owner, we did meet with the Vice President of Marketing Systems Group, the building’s tenant for the last 15 years. MSG has been a long-term tenant mainly because of the location, which is central for its employees. The tenant reports that flooding occurred in 2001, requiring a complete gut of the building. She says two serious

Technical Memorandum #1UDT: Characteristics of Flood-Prone Parcels


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