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INFORMATION Art. 1 - General Conditions: Organisations wishing to exhibit accept without reservation the provisions of these rules, the rules of the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre and public law provisions applicable to events in France. They accept all new dispositions imposed by circumstances or in the interest of the event, which the organizer reserves the right to indicate, even verbally. Art.2 Admissions: Reservation requests, signed by the exhibitor shall be valid only if they are made using the official booking vouchers provided by Le Public Système PCO. They should be sent to: Le Public Système PCO Fabien Chevallier - 38 rue Anatole France, 92594 Levallois Perret Cedex. (Payment to: Le Public Système PCO). Applications will be submitted to the Organising Committee, who will after their examination, decide on admissions. In case of a refusal, the Organising Committee will not be required to justify the decision notified to the candidate. No denied applicant can claim any compensation by claiming that the Organising Committee solicited its membership. Art. 3 - Payment: All bookings made before 31/12/2010 must be accompanied by a deposit representing 50% of the total cost, VAT included, of the booking. The balance will be paid within 60 days of reception of the invoice. For reservations made after 31/12/2010 the full amount is due upon booking. In accordance with the above payment schedule and under the law of payment deadlines, late payment results in automatic application of liquidated damages at the rate equal to 1.5 times legal interest rates. Art. 4 - Cancellation: If the booth is not fully paid at the opening of the Show, the Organising Committee, which reserves the right to dispose of the site will not be obligated to refund amounts already paid. In case of cancellation by an exhibitor between 1st September 2010 and 1st of December 2010 organiser retains as compensation 50% of the amount of the invoice. For any cancellation occurring after 1st of December 2010, the entire outstanding amount still be due and will be retained as compensation. Art. 5 - Sub-letting: The certificate of admission is nominal, nontransferable and inalienable. It is strictly forbidden for exhibitors, unless written authorization has been given, to assign, sublet or share with or without charge all or part of their space. Art. 6 - Occupation of exhibition space: the Organising Committee prepares the exhibition floor plan. Le Public Système PCO makes the distribution of spaces in collaboration with the Organising Committee, taking into account the order of arrival of reservations. After attribution, no change of location can be made without the written consent of Le Public Système PCO. Le Public Système PCO reserves the right to change whenever it deems appropriate, the location, size and layout of the area requested by the exhibitor. If the Organising Committee is obliged to partially revise spaces or

FOR EXHIBITORS facilities, no claim will be admissible and exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions made. For any dispute, the Paris Courts have jurisdiction. The exhibitor will occupy the sites attributed during the conference; otherwise they will be considered available and will be re-assigned without possibility for the exhibitor to claim compensation or a refund. Art. 7 - Regulations and Safety: A technical exhibitor’s guide will be sent later to each company having booked a booth. This file will provide information for the equipment, furniture rental possibilities and safety regulations and information on the various services that will be necessary (phone, handling, storage, customs clearance...). Exhibitors, their employees and subcontractors commit to respect regulations of the exhibition centre and the instructions specified in the technical file. Generally, exhibitors are required to respect the laws and regulations applicable to fairs and security measures enacted by the Prefecture. More specifically, they must comply with regulations and safety instructions of the Paris Nord Villepinte. Exhibitors are responsible for both the equipment exhibited to that they have rented or installed on their stand. Art. 8 - Exclusivity: The reservation, renting of a booth or advertizing space, require the exhibitor should not organize or support during his term, meetings or gatherings on the subject of the World Dog Show that would not have been declared and authorized by the Organising Committee. Art. 9 - Distribution of materials: All advertising and distribution of leaflets can be performed on the booth allocated to the exhibitor. Art. 10 - Rights and responsibilities of the organizer: The organizer decides in all cases not provided for in these Regulations. All decisions shall be made without recourse and immediately executable. Any violation of any provision of these terms and conditions of renting exhibition space will result in immediate disqualification of the offender temporarily or permanently without the latter being entitled to any refund or compensation. The organiser will use freely the space then made available. This is in case of noncompliance with settlement terms in Article 3: The organiser will send the debtor a registered letter. Failing settlement within 15 days by the debtor, the contract will be resolved automatically. The organizer shall not be held responsible for a low number of registered delegates or any lack of interest for the entire event. Art. 11 - Cancellation of the event: In case of a major catastrophe, the dates of the congress and exhibition will be changed or canceled altogether. In the latter case, the amounts available after payment of expenses incurred will be distributed among the exhibitors in proportion to their payments without any recourse possible against the organiser. Art 12 - Disputes: In case of dispute, the Paris courts will be the competent authority.

Exhibition Office Le Public Système PCO 38 rue Anatole France 92 594 Levallois-Perret Cedex www.worlddogshow.fr wds2011@lepublicsysteme.fr

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