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Passes” bi-annually. These passes will expedite access to areas that have experienced severe damage resulting from a disaster. Local authorities will determine when impacted areas are reasonably safe for non-emergency personnel to enter.

Once the determination has been made, local officials will notify the AEMA. The AL DOI representative stationed at the AEMA will have this information immediately placed on the AL DOI website (www.aldoi.gov). This information will also be available by calling the AL DOI at (334) 269-3550 or 1-800-433-3966 (in- state only).

“Disaster Emergency Adjuster Passes” authorize adjusters to enter areas affected by the disaster, while “Disaster Emergency Adjuster Access Passes” authorize adjusters access to areas restricted by law enforcement. To gain entry to any area, all adjusters presenting themselves at a checkpoint must clearly display a current emergency adjuster pass in conjunction with the appropriate company identification. Until local officials have determined it reasonable safe for non-emergency personnel, no one will be allowed to enter the area, even with proper identification.

Only insurance adjusters with assigned insurance company business are eligible to receive Emergency Adjuster Passes. The passes are the property of the Alabama Department of Insurance and unauthorized use may result in the revocation of a company or organization's use of the passes.

The Department recommends that educational memorandums be sent to adjusters regarding the use of passes before being deployed to catastrophic areas.

The receiving organization is responsible for establishing and maintaining a record outlining the adjuster name and corresponding access pass number. This information is to be forwarded to the AL DOI via facsimile to (334) 240-3282 or by e-mail to ProducerLicensing@insurance.alabama.gov. The AL DOI will maintain a record of the number series of the access passes assigned to each company along with company assignments of passes by number and individual.

Passes issued will be available on December 1 of odd numbered years and will remain in force for two years. Distribution is limited and will be subject to the discretion of the AL DOI. In the event of a major catastrophic event, the AL DOI may distribute additional passes at a staging site in the area of the catastrophe. At the time of the Disaster, the location of the staging site will be shown on home page of the DOI Website. Registered Emergency Adjusters can obtain passes at the staging site with proper identification.

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