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ACS's Ms. Pool said the grant was for Mr. Rich's promotion to CEO. He wasn't promoted until February 1999. Ms. Pool said there was a "six-month transition plan," and the Oct. 8 option grant was "in anticipation" of his promotion.

Mr. Rich would have fared far worse had his grant come on the day ACS announced his promotion. The stock by then was more than twice as high. The grant wasn't reported to the SEC until 10 months after the stated grant date. Ms. Pool said that was proper under regulations in place at the time.

A special board committee oversaw Mr. Rich's grants. Most years, its sole members were directors Frank Rossi and Joseph O'Neill. Mr. Rossi declined to comment. Mr. O'Neill said, "We had ups and downs in our stock price like any publicly traded stock. If there were perceived low points, would we grant options at that point? Yes."

Mr. Rich said grants were made on the day the compensation committee authorized them, or within a day or so of that. He said he or Chairman Darwin Deason made recommendations to the special board committee about option dates.

Mr. Rich, who is 45 years old, resigned abruptly as ACS's chief executive on a Thursday in September to "pursue other business interests." Again, his timing was advantageous. In an unusual separation agreement, the company agreed to make a special payment of $18.4 million, which was equal to the difference between the exercise price of 610,000 of his outstanding stock options and the closing ACS stock price on the day of his resignation.

But the company didn't announce the resignation that day. On the news the next Monday that its CEO was departing suddenly, the stock fell 6%. Mr. Rich netted an extra $2 million by cashing in the options before the announcement, rather than on the day of it.

Mr. Rich said ACS signed his separation agreement on Friday, using Thursday's price for the options payout. He said it waited till Monday to release the news because it didn't want to seem "evasive" by putting the news out late Friday.

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    George Anders contributed to this article.

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