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Paediatric Admissions


Emergency Department by the American Academy of Pediatrics published in 2001.  The third related article was the position statement published in 2005 by the American Academy of Pediatrics for the equipment needs for freestanding Urgent Care facilities.  The three articles discussed the specific equipment needs for paediatric care in Emergency departments and in urgent care facilities. The data provided in the three articles had limited applicability to the SEARCH project other than emphasizing that the paediatric population had specific needs especially when assessed and treated in Emergency Departments.

The fifth article was more relevant to the SEARCH project as it discussed distributing the care of neonatal patients through various levels of Neonatal Intensive Care and Step-down units in Canadian hospitals. This article was the Position Statement on the Levels of Neonatal care published in 2006 by the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS).  The article initially discussed the concept of regionalization in neonatal care across Canada. It then went on to discuss the levels of neonatal care and the importance of the current classification system seen in Neonatal units and delineated each of the levels of care. Finally, the article discussed the standards for hospitals with neonatal care.  While the specific information included in the article was not directly relevant to the SEARCH project, many concepts in the article were applicable.  The CPS supported specialization in care provided by specific neonatal units, a concept that could be applied to paediatric care. Also, having specialized units allowed for staff education that focused on the needs of the patient population. Finally, having a stratified system of admissions allowed for the movement of patients through the system as their needs changed. All of these concepts could be applied to the SEARCH project.

The final article reviewed was found after the expert consultation was conducted with Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. The article, published by Freedman and Thakkar in 2007, discussed the hospital’s experience setting up a regionalized system to transfer patients between a tertiary care setting and regional or community hospitals in the surrounding areas. The editorial by Krug and Gausche-Hill (2007) was also analyzed for relevancy and that analysis is included. The primary article described a cohort study done over a one year period. The hospital developed a list of the top ten diagnoses, procedures and lengths of hospital stays by diagnosis. These were classified by where the child could possibly go to receive care. Additionally, clinical determinants that necessitated that the child remain at the tertiary center were

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