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NSNs Awarded to ENVELOP Artillery Cover

  • e operational environments that

the military nds itself in today are some of the most austere. Combine that with the incredible tempo that these units face and it becomes increasingly dicult to eectively train to the multitude of new tasks assigned, much less worry about maintaining equipment. Covers by ENVELOP allow units to focus on the mission at hand, knowing that their equipment is protected in such a manner that will assure its eectiveness when the need arises.

For the last three years, this kind of protection and peace of mind have been provided to units throughout the eld artillery community by ENVELOP Protective Covers. Shield’s most recent addition to this eet of covers is the M119A2 cover, now with its own National Stock Number (NSN). e M119A2 105mm Towed Howitzer is the updated version of the U.S.

Army’s Lightweight Howitzer and is scheduled to be in service for many years. At more than $1 million per system, these guns deserve the ultimate in anticorrosive protection —and ENVELOP covers are that exactly.

Today, more than 25,000 covers are in service with all ve branches of the U.S. military.

  • ey save crews time and save

organizations money. e cover greatly reduces surface corrosion on unpainted areas of artillery units — particularly for the tube and breech — and greatly reduces the time crews spend using cloths, CLP (cleaner, lubricant, preservative), and grease to keep these vital areas in shape. e howitzer is also protected from windblown dust and sand and the cover helps to protect against sunlight/UV damage. Consistent use of the ENVELOP cover will provide great benets over many years of use.


  • e M119A2 ENVELOP

Protective Cover may be procured through the supply system via NSN, through General Services Administration (GSA), or by contacting Shield Technologies directly. e complete M119A2 cover set consists of three NSNs:

Tube/Barrel Cover NSN 2540-01-572-4402 P/N 123040

Breech/Carriage Cover NSN 2540-01-572-4410 P/N 123041

Fire Control Mount Cover NSN 1240-01-572-4937 P/N 123043

If you would like more information on the M119A2 protective cover set or a demo, contact Phil Simoes at phil.simoes@ envelopcovers.com, or Andy Parks at andy.parks@envelopcovers.com.


ENVELOP Protects Critical UK MOD Need

Shield Technologies recently received its rst order from the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MOD), and quickly met an urgent need by delivering custom tailored ENVELOP Protective Covers for the SELEX Protector remote weapon system.

  • ese weapons and their covers

will be mounted on one of the most advanced systems in use by the MOD, the British version of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle (MRAP).

  • e ENVELOP travel

covers fabricated for SELEX and the MOD will protect the remote weapon system in all environments, especially in the unrelenting conditions found in Southwest Asia where sand, dust, heat, extreme temperature changes, and highly corrosive conditions challenge the availability of critical weapons systems.

Shield Technologies has already developed highly successful covers for numerous other remote weapons systems of U.S. and Allied forces, including the CRWS I and CRWS II, and the Kongsberg Sea Protector.

For more information or to receive a demo cover for use/ evaluation contact Tom Nelson at tom.nelson@envelopcovers.com or Je Vold at je.vold@ envelopcovers.com.

Pennsylvania Guard Receives ENVELOP Covers for New M777s

  • e 1st battalion of the 108th Field

Artillery, PANG (Pennsylvania Army National Guard), knew it would be performing a variety of missions during deployment to Iraq, most of which did not involve the use of their brand new M777 Howitzers. During debriefs from previously deployed M777 battalions, it learned the value of ENVELOP covers for protection of these vital weapons systems.

  • e cover protects howitzers

when stored, in transit to and from theater, and while moving in-country. Eort required to maintain the complex weapons is vastly reduced, as the covers protect the howitzers from degradation caused by dust, corrosion, and sunlight.

  • e battalion’s commanding

ocer and supply ocer contacted Shield Technologies, and a sample cover was delivered to the unit at

M777 Howitzer

Camp Shelby, Mississippi. ey liked what they saw and initiated a purchase request. Diligent work by the battalion pushed the request through the chain of command, and the new covers were received not long aer arriving in-country.

  • e covers will ease the cannoneers

workload throughout their deployment, while providing excellent protection for this expensive weapons system.

  • ese, and similar covers,

can be purchased directly by contacting Shield Technologies Corporation, or they can be procured via Government Services Administration (GSA) or by National Stock Number (NSN).

NSNs for a four-piece cover set are:

Main Carriage NSN 1095-01-551-1284 P/N 123007A

Tube/Barrel Cover NSN 1095-01-551-1290 P/N 123007B

Hydrostrut Cover NSN 1095-01-551-1294 P/N 123007C

For more information on the M777 protective cover set, or for a demo, contact Phil Simoes at phil.simoes@envelopcovers.com, or Andy Parks at andy.parks@ envelopcovers.com.

Sands of Southwest Asia – The Science of Protection

Shield Technologies is an industry leader in understanding the challenges of protecting assets in environments that take a heavy toll. e operational theater of Southwest Asia has proven to be a highly corrosive one for military equipment, principally due to the unusual sand of this desert region.

First, the sand is extremely

  • ne — some describe it as beige

talcum powder — and is notorious for pervasive intrusion into any exposed cavity

Secondly, the sand of this region has an unusually high concentration of salt and contaminants compared to the soil and sand found in North America. In Iraq, for example, the salt concentration of the sand is 1,000 times greater than sands found in the state of Nevada (Defense Daily,

24 April 2006). is is partially caused by the highly saline water that is present. Groundwater in Iraq contains 20,000 parts per million (ppm) of salt. Freshwater is considered to have less than 1,000 ppm.

A higher concentration of salt, the powder-like nature of the sand, and the prevalent dry and windy conditions of Southwest Asia combine to result in costly preventive measures, high maintenance costs, and premature wear. is situation has proven especially true for sophisticated military aircra where helicopter rotor blades, aircra engines, avionics, and wiring are aected by the ne, saline sands of the region.

Shield Technologies understands the science required

to ensure world-class protection for equipment operating in the world’s most challenging regions. Its ENVELOP Protective Covers feature four patented layers of protection that work together to dramatically reduce environmental degradation.

  • is technology has proven

to be the protective cover of choice in Southwest Asia on multiple types of equipment and weapons systems including Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar systems (CRAM), artillery, and aviation components.

Army/NG Aviation Mark Bechtel 715.441.0280 mark.bechtel@envelopcovers.com

Pacific Fleet Gordon Mihailovic 619.459.7789 Gordon@envelopcovers.com

Atlantic Fleet James Oaks 757.647.0034 james.oaks@envelopcovers.com

Army/NG/USMC Phil Simoes 760.521.4846 phil.simoes@envelopcovers.com

Army/NG/USMC Andy Parks 740.219.1122 andy.parks@envelopcovers.com

Oil & Gas Warren Hoskinson 713.829.0717 whoskinson@envelopcovers.com

Operations Shield Technologies Corporation 895 Blue Gentian, Suite 1 Eagan, Minnesota 55121 Telephone: 651.289.3067 Fax: 651.688.7917 mail@envelopcovers.com envelopcovers.com envelopcases.com

Corporate Office Shield Technologies Corporation 181 West Madison, Suite 3900 Chicago, Illinois 60602 312.327.3180

ENVELOP Procurement Options

Toward the end of a scal year, Department of Defense (DoD) units identify opportunities for procuring items that produce a positive return using end-of-year or “sweep-up” funding. ENVELOP Protective Covers, exclusively produced by Shield Technologies Corporation, represent a tremendous return on investment. Four basic procurement options are available.

1) ENVELOP covers with assigned National Stock Numbers (NSNs) can be easily ordered via normal Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) channels.

2) Shield Technologies Corporation holds General Services Administration (GSA) contract number GS-07F-9386S. Units can place orders using the GSA Web-based process.

3) Shield Technologies Corporation accepts government credit card purchases up to the authorized limit of the cardholder.

4) Units with contracting ocer support can place requisitions with their contracting ocers who can then solicit and purchase covers directly from Shield Technologies

in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) procedures.

  • Option 1 is the most simple

procurement method; however, the cost to the unit will be higher due to DLA overhead markup, and the delivery schedule can be more dicult to determine.

  • Options 2 and 3 will provide a

lower cost to the customer, and Shield Technologies can forecast delivery, oen shipping items in inventory the same day.

  • Option 4 also features lower cost.

Delivery is subject to the amount of time necessary to meet FAR requirements and awarding a of contract.

In the ongoing battle against corrosion and environmental degradation, ENVELOP covers have proven to reduce maintenance man-hours and maintenance costs. Some examples:

Direct Costs

  • The U.S. Navy spends $2,600

on a cover every two years for its 25mm gun. e program manager reports a savings in corrective

maintenance of $36,000 to $40,000 over the two-year period using ENVELOP Protective Covers instead of traditional vinyl or canvas covers.

  • e Navy procures ENVELOP

covers for its shipboard torpedo tube mounts — a $3,500 cover normally lasts two full years. Previously, vinyl or canvas covers meant poor protection, leading to serious corrosion of the system’s solenoid motors (three per tube mount) every six to nine months. Each of these motors costs $6,000 for a total of up to $36,000 over a two-year period. ENVELOP covers extended the life of the solenoid motors by 50 to 100 percent, saving the service at least $18,000 over the two-year time frame.

  • U.S. Navy trim and drain motors

are used on fast attack submarines and have to be replaced periodically. Rebuilt or refurbished motors are used and are normally shipped from a maintenance facility to the place where the work is being done. Due to corrosion and moisture, 80 percent of the motors were rendered inoperable due to the shipping process. ENVELOP helped resolve the problem and saved the Navy over $20,000 per refurbishment.


  • ENVELOP Protective Covers

reduced the maintenance required on U.S. Navy .50-caliber mounted machine guns from 10 to14 hours per week to one hour per week.

  • ENVELOP covers reduced

man-hours for an eight- to 10- man M198 Howitzer crew by at least 2,000 hours per year. At a minimum, the amount of time spent on corrosion was reduced by 15 hours per soldier/marine per

Summer 2009


month. is relates to nearly two extra days for other training or maintenance activities.

Questions regarding procurement of ENVELOP Protective Covers should be addressed to a Shield support representative, or contact Shield Technologies directly at its Eagan-based operations headquarters. Shield Technologies takes pride in providing high levels of support for all customers.

Apache Program Manager Chooses ENVELOP. . . Again

For the second straight year, the Apache Program Manager (PM) has purchased ENVELOP Protective Covers to protect the Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight (M-TADS) for the AH-64D Longbow. Summer 2008 saw the first sizable protective cover purchase by U.S. Army Aviation when it acquired 108 M-TADS covers, enough to field covers in support of four attack battalions, all of which have been to Iraq or Afghanistan, or are there now. The feedback from these units on ease of installation and removal of the cover, its durability, and the protection it provided the M-TADS was so positive that 253 additional covers were purchased in June 2009.

Since 2008, 12 additional custom covers have been developed and are available for specific parts of the Apache. One of these newly developed covers was specifically designed (at the request of Army Aviation

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