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The Arizona Astrologer Highlights from January Lecture and Workshop: 10 x 10 for 2010-02-12

February 2010

Charlotte Zeek Benson Jyotish or VedicAstrology. Saturn is in sidereal Virgo and beginning to operate better than it did in Leo. Saturn is the planet of technology, leadership, government, humility, industry and integrity.Virgo is associated with employment. Unemployment will remain high for at least another year. Employed people will have to do a better job at their work – Virgo is the craftsman.

A positive attitude or affirmation can utilize even the most challenging aspects to create a positive outcome.

Kay Cox - Numerology, Runes, Astrology, Tarot - facets of a diamond.

Numerology – 2010 is ruled by #3.Ayear of creativity, communication, skills, Intellectual, versatile.

Crystal fortune/runes: Jan – problems. Nothing until June about health. July – problems with partners. Aug – change and action; UFO activity. Sept – unseen danger. October – some kind of tragedy or disaster hits the US. Nov – allies and friends come to help. Dec. world situation is in hand.

Astrology: she used the summer solstice chart, June 21, 2010. Moon is in 2nd house. US is an emo- tional nation that seeks security in power and success. Sun is in 10th in Cancer and trines Moon. We will be seen as a caring and nurturing country. Moon trines Neptune – ability to dream and be of service. Chiron Pisces – what are other countries doing? ASC. is Virgo – strong critical outcry from those who fear new things. Perfectionism an issue.

Astro-tarot: January – problems February – talk. March – judgments. May – successful. June – also success. Aug – world is looking to us. Sept. – extreme action on all fronts. Oct – potential serious problem – could either stop or cause an unstable sit. Nov. – wisdom and creative awareness. Dec. – realization that world is a community. Successful year except for Oct.

On Saturday, she mentioned that on Friday’s economic prediction she had used the chart ofArizona rather than Washington, DC, and thus got a rosier picture.

Arlene Houghland – Planetary Cards// predictions

She doesn’t do predictions. She looks at patterns. The planets guide, they don’t decide. We get to decide. There will be good and bad and some things we didn’t expect. Think positively.

She created some cards, drew up a chart, asked questions, used intuition. (1) What’s the best way to approach economy? NN at 22º Capricorn came up. Sabian symbol:A general accepting defeat gracefully. Strategy – we’re not out of the woods, caution. (2) What’s our key to success? Vesta at 7º Virgo – retreat and regroup. Keyword restraint – build up strength. (3) Biggest challenge – 5º Sagittarius – an owl in a tree. Wisdom of self-restraint. Stay centered in universal values.As a country, mind our own business. (4) Creative solution – Pluto – group support. Greatest advantage lies in making sure everyone knows their roles and cooperates. Her sense - We will get a health care plan.

Celebrating Astrology in Arizona for 36 Years!


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