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The Arizona Astrologer

February 2010

(5) Lesson – Uranus 24º Pisces – an inhabited island; adaptability. Use your ingenuity to create what you need from things you already have. (6) What’s the wisdom for 2010? Chiron 24ºAquarius – a man turning his back on his passions and teaching from experience. Enlightenment.

“Our problems are our lessons.” MarianneWilliamson

Marta Morris – Saturn in Libra

Previous Saturn in Libra period: 1980-82. It was conjunct Pluto only once; exact on Nov. 7, 1982.

Reagan was president – we get conservative leaders with Saturn in cardinal signs.

1982 was a year of economic problems. Sandra Day O’Conner became a Supreme Court justice. Marta predicts another Supreme Court nominee. 1983 - US embassy in Beiruit was bombed.

In the current period, Jan, June & Oct are big months.

Nine times out of 10, a square is more challenging than an opposition.Acardinal sign is more dynamic than a mutable.Aries Point is extremely potent. Right now Pluto and Saturn are on theAries Point. On 9/11 there was a Saturn-Pluto opposition. Something catastrophic between now and June. Maybe it was the Haitian earthquake.

We’ve not had Saturn Libra square Pluto in Cap since 1777, just after Declaration of Independence.

Why Christmas bomber plan failed: Mercury was Rx. The detonator didn’t work. Plans didn’t work out.

Doug Noblehorse – Hellenistic/Aries Point

Hellenistic astrologers useAries ingress chart to forecast for the year. If a Cardinal sign is rising, they also look at the Libra ingress chart.

Aries ingress chart for US this year has Cancer rising. Cancer is the empty spot of the cardinal t-square, so this chart will play into it.Also US chart with its Cancer planets.

Chart has sense of structure and stability. Status quo will occupy our attention through spring. Things will get better – Jupiter into Pisces – but it’s in a hurry and rushes on intoAries. Keeping a date with Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn this summer. This hasn’t happened since 1927.

Sun-Saturn opposition is almost exact. It is the central feature of chart. This year has a Saturnian feel to it. Saturn is in 4th – Populist opposition will grow. Weather problems, real estate. It opposes Sun in 10th – the president and government. Saturn is not always our friend. It is in the 7th house from the president’s house – in Hellenistic astrology it’s the house of death. Mr. Obama needs to be careful.

Celebrating Astrology in Arizona for 36 Years!

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