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The Arizona Astrologer

February 2010

Libra ingress chart has GeminiAsc. – things unsettled, up in the air. Sun-Saturn conjunction – Saturn a player for the whole year. It’s in an opposition to Moon, Jupiter & Uranus. Because the opposition is out-of-sign, things will be happening but we won’t get the whole picture until next year.

Amanda Owen – Game Changers for 2010

The cardinalT-square: Saturn/Libra-Pluto/Capricorn-Uranus/Aries

In history, unrest, upheaval, revolution when these planets come together. Saturn-Pluto opposition was 9/11. Saturn-Uranus opposition is a signature of revolution. Saturn and Neptune together dissolves old structures & systems –BerlinWall and Communist bloc. Brought uncertainty.

2010 begins an intensity of upheaval and change. Pluto in Capricorn – rehab, repair & renovate transit. Infrastructure – the systems are crumbling. Pluto by transit defines an area of life that may need to be shored up or let go.

Personal planets = personal trends. Jupiter and Saturn represent social trends – economy & lifestyle. Outer planets – collective trends. This year, social and collective transits coming into same degrees in dynamic aspects. Personal – triggered by eclipses.

Game changer idea – if you have early-degree planets, they’ve already entered your life. On May 27 Uranus enters 0ºAries – maverick energy – doesn’t want to follow rules of Saturn or submit to control of Pluto. How to deal with these patterns? Wake up!

Donna Stellhorn – Year of the Metal Tiger

It’s all on her blog, including remedies.

Begins Feb 14. Tigers are ferocious. They hide in the jungle, waiting, and then spring into action. They bring sudden change. Like Uranus. Natal element is wood – growth, expansion. Tiger contains a spark of fire.This is a metal year – propriety, refinement, meticulousness, organization.With this mental energy, we’re going to try to deal with change. We have a choice – a sword to defend against tiger, or a cage to contain it. Instead, she suggests armor – we go with the tiger and embrace change.

If you were born in a metal year, you’ll like this – lots of money to organize.Also good for people born in a fire year. Wood – mixed year. They search for fire (creativity) but they have to change - metal chops wood. Water – good news is that metal creates water. Maybe not all the success this year, but their success is coming. Earth people – bad. Earth creates metal – they’re trying to support everyone. Need to get selfish – say no.

Tiger year – tigers are about war. “What fight can I start?” 1950 was last time it happened. There may be another war. Nuclear disaster a possibility. Rules the lungs – tigers have sensitive lungs. Fires, climate change, respiratory problems.

Amber is the stone of the tiger. When a tiger dies his soul resides in the amber until a new tiger is born. Have amber around to help realize your goals and fight your fights.

Celebrating Astrology in Arizona for 36 Years!


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