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The Arizona Astrologer

February 2010

Nelda Tanner – Modern/Capricorn Ingress

She uses Capricorn ingress to start the year. It matches Doug’s quite a lot. Set the ingress chart for where you live. In Phoenix,Aquarius is onAsc. with Neptune there.

Aries point is critical – the world. Sun is conjunct it. Opposite it is Saturn. Hades is at 28º Gemini – also onAries Pt. Hades rules garbage, everything vile and ugly.Also everything ancient – the astrolo-


Haiti earthquake: Moon was out of bounds.

It’s a tough chart. Four planets are out of bounds (oob). Sun sets the boundaries – oob planets break those. This year, the Moon goes oob every month, It rules our 4th house. Venus oob – May and June; Mercury – June and Nov.

Mars rules theAsc. and the 8th house. 1st – general public, conditions of country. It’s inAries – ready to fight. 8th – finances, death, suicide rates.You can watch by transit when it will hit.

Saturn is in a critical degree by declination. 4th – the land, disasters of all kinds.

On 45 degree chart, Mars and Saturn show up as making a hard aspect.

On Saturday, Nelda clarified the Solstice Points orAntiscia. She also explained what makes the Moon and Mars out of bounds—going beyond the path of the Sun by declination.

Marcy Kay Weale – Mayan/Burner Days for 2010

The Burner Days go back to the beginning of this Mayan Calendar—3114 BC. They are based on the day signs – a 260-day calendar, 9 months – a sacred calendar. If you divide it into 4 quadrants you get 65-day quadrants. These represent peak times – group karma/ group integration. Major events in world occur within a few days of these dates.

Four signs – 4 ahau, 4-chicchan, 4 oc, 4-men – will be in effect until 2012.

She listed various scandals/events that all happened within 7 days of the turning point. For example, Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami occurred on a men point. Men rules water.

2010 burner days: Feb 15– 4 ahau: settling scores, earthquake, confusion, related to wind and rain. Good for commit- ment and any events in religion and arts. Chinese New Year starts Feb 14.

April 22 – 4 chicchan: challenging power, rules, the warrior. Keep an eye out for strategic war events. Violence, raw power, confrontation. Secrets, discoveries. Maybe regarding a leader. Wind rain, lightning – possible natural disaster.

Celebrating Astrology in Arizona for 36 Years!

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