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The Arizona Astrologer

February 2010

June 22 – 4 oc: a positive time – a mild energy, spirit of cooperation and celebration. Loyalty, achiev- ing a goal.

Aug 29 – 4 men: another challenging one – 4 men and 8-day cycle is same combination that happened with tsunami. Directed energy with purpose. Decisions and actions by government. Water disaster. Good for praying and meditation – water – or problem-solving.

Nov 2 – ahau: high energy, earthquake, confusions between governments, people can’t reach agree- ment.

FYI, Bruce Scofield’s website offers a MayanAstrology Report that gives personal burner days.

Steve Weiss –Astrocartography/economic hot spots

He used the first trade chart for the New York Stock Exchange, Jan 4, 2010, 9:30 am, NYC. Astrocartography – places where planets are on angles. Where do they fall on US chart?

It’s pretty good inAZ. We have Sun onAsc. in Tucson, Venus onAsc. in Scottsdale, and Mercury on Asc. in Phoenix.

Steve read a poem: Valleys of Neptune Arising. This poem, written in June of 1969 by Jimi Hendrix, is the title song of a new CD of unreleased Hendrix music that’s coming out in March. When it is released, T. Saturn will be conjunct Hendrix’s natal Neptune.

Message: Prepare your souls.

On Saturday, Steve elaborated on his Friday presentation since he’d only had a few minutes and his predictions were anxiously awaited. He used Astrocartography charts to find economic hot spots for 2010. Ironically—see his website blog—the lines running through strategic points actually wound up being predictions for the series of earthquakes we have recently experienced.

Point Reyes sticks out from Marin County – Pluto line goes right through it. The Neptune azimuth line of the NYSE goes right through Eureka, CA.

The Pluto line going through Point Reyes, California, resulted in a 2.2 quake, which began the series. Two days later there was a 6.5 quake off the coast of Eureka, north of San Francisco. This was a major quake but there were no human casualties, only material damage. It was, therefore, eclipsed by the January 12, 7.0 quake in Haiti. The Moon line runs through Port au Prince.

Steve wrote in his blog: “Of all the icky things with which Astrologers are obsessed, the ickiest is its preoccupation with natural disaster. Yet, how can you ignore that Pluto is exactly on the SanAndreas fault? Could this point to an economic rather than a natural disaster?”

There is a strong Saturn influence this year. Change in the important things will move slowly. Mastery instead of dabbling is required.

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