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Standard Fees and Charges for Common Banking Services

This booklet lists the standard fees and charges for a range of services commonly provided by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (‘the Bank’). Certain Government charges are also shown.

There are separate leaflets and brochures available covering the fees and charges applying to:

  • International payment products and Travel funds

  • Home Loans and Investment Home Loans, Viridian Line of Credit, Viridian Addvantage, Equity Unlock Loan For Seniors and Mortgage Interest Saver

  • Personal Lending Services

  • Business Lending Services

  • Business Cheque Accounts

  • Transaction, Savings and Investment Accounts

  • Credit Card Services

  • Commonwealth Bank Business Card

Copies are available from any branch. Up-to-date information about our fees and charges can also be obtained by telephoning us on 13 2221 (24 hours, 7 days a week).

The Bank reserves the right to vary the amounts shown in this booklet. Where the Code of Banking Practice applies, variations will be notified to customers by advertisement in a leading daily newspaper in each State, or in writing to affected customers, no later than the day on which the variation takes effect.


Bank Cheques

Issued on behalf of customers Issued on behalf of non-customers Repurchase on behalf of customers Repurchase on behalf of non-customers

Issue of duplicate on behalf of customers

$10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $20.00 $25.00

Issue of duplicate on behalf of non-customers

Issued by Private Agencies Requests by post to issue che

que to

$30.00 $10.00 $10.00

depositor or a third party, each cheque

plus cost of postage

Cheques issued in Norfolk Island also attract Government stamp duty.

Bank Guarantees issued under the ‘Assurance of Support’ Bond or other types of immigration bond

Establishment fee for Term Deposit secured Bank Guarantees issued in

$150.00 per bank

favour of Centrelink or Department of Immigration and Citizenship

guarantee issued

Cashed Cheques

Cheques drawn on other banks where telephone reference to the paying bank is required

$6.00 plus cost of phone call


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