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7. Place and date of GCC Meeting

7.1The place and date of the meeting will be decided by the Chairperson of GCC.

7.2Meetings will be hosted by the member organizations as per the roster prepared by Convener, GCC in consultation with the members of the GCC.

8. Notice for the Committee meetings and Agenda

8.1Notice for the Committee meetings shall be issued by Convener, GCC at least 1 or 2 weeks in advance in consultation and approval with Chairperson, GCC.  In case of emergency meetings required to be conducted to carry out urgent business, notice of three days is to be given after approval of the Chairperson, GCC. Under extreme emergency Convener, GCC with the approval of Chairperson, GCC can place the agenda on table.

8.2 The Agenda points for the meeting shall be sent to the Convener by the members at least 20 days in advance of the meeting. The Convener, GCC shall finalize the agenda and circulate the same to all its members at least 10 days in advance and also be posted on the website of SLDC.

8.3 Agenda for Committee meeting shall generally be put up after discussions in respective sub-committee meetings.  

8.4Agenda can be put up directly only in the cases involving urgent matters / policy issues.

8.5Convener, GCC may also put any agenda involving urgent matters / policy issue directly in consultation with Chairperson, GCC.

8.6 Convener, GCC may convene a meeting on short notice on any urgent matter in consultation with Chairperson of the committee.

8.7 On receipt of specific request from a member too, Convener, GCC may convene a meeting in accordance with para 8.6 above.

9. Effect of Non-receipt of Notice of Meeting by a Member

The non-receipt of notice by any member of GCC or sub-committee shall not invalidate the proceeding of the meeting or any decision taken in the meeting.

10. Cancellation / re-scheduling of Meeting

If a meeting is required to be cancelled or rescheduled the same shall be intimated to the members at the earliest by telephone / fax and also posted on SLDC website immediately.

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