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11. Periodicity of meetings

The Committee members shall meet at least once in three months.  However, the Committee may meet to discuss any issue as and when required in consultation with Chairperson, GCC.

12. Quorum of GCC Meeting

12.1 The Quorum of the meeting shall be 50 % of its members.

12.2 All decision in the GCC shall be taken by consensus.

12.3The decisions / ratifications made by the Committee during the meeting with the above quorum shall be treated as final.

12.4 The decision of the GCC arrived at for Operation of the Delhi Grid and Scheduling and dispatch of Electricity shall be followed by State Load Despatch Center, Delhi (SLDC) subject to the directions or regulations of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission / Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission.

12.5 Only members of GCC and not more than two representatives of each organization shall participate in the Committee meeting. Other persons may attend the meeting by invitation / permission only.  However, voting rights will be available only to the Members of GCC.

13. Presiding Officer

13.1The Chairperson, GCC shall preside over the meeting of GCC and conduct business. The Convener, GCC shall assist the Chairperson of GCC in conducting the meeting.  If the Chairperson is unable to be present at the meeting for any reason, other members present in the meeting shall nominate a person among themselves to preside over the meeting.

13.2 In the absence of Convener, GCC such of the officer as may be designated by Presiding Officer shall function as Convener to assist Chairperson, GCC.

14. Recording of the minutes

14.1The minutes of the meeting shall be finalized and circulated to all its members by the Convener, GCC within 15 working days from the date of the Committee Meeting.  The minutes shall also be posted on the website of SLDC.

14.2The discussions during the meeting shall be Audio and Video recorded and the record shall be kept at the secretariat of GCC till the confirmation of the minutes. The member organization hosting the meeting shall extend all facilities for recording of the proceedings of the meeting.

15. Confirmation of the Minutes

Minutes of the GCC meeting shall be placed in the next meeting for confirmation. However, in case of urgency the minutes may be confirmed by circulation.

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