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Chairman, GCC said that it should be ensured that there should not be any exchange of Reactive power at the Inter-exchange points and to provide the Reactive compensation, it was advised that capacitors should be installed on the LT side of Distribution transformers instead of providing the same at 33 kV or 66kV level. The capacitors on LT side would be a better option as it would not only improves the voltage profile for the consumers but will also reduce the losses also for the utilities and relax capacity of transformers and feeders.

All the Generating utilities were also advised to generate reactive power as per the designed parameters.  If adequate reactive power is generated by generators, no import from the grid would be required.

4. Protection Co-ordination.

All the participants were requested to Co-ordinate the Protection System with that of DTL system so that the faults occurring in the Distribution Licensees / Deemed Distribution Licensees areas are not reflected on the DTL system or on the Generator side. Protection sub-committee would be entrusted with the work of protection co-ordination. NDMC apologized for their faults being reflected in the DTL/Generator system and stated that they are working on the implementation of the Protection Plan so that the same is restricted to the faulty portion only and should not affect other areas. Chairman, GCC advised to consider current differential on feeders as main protection which operates first.

5. Integration of Status of Protective Relays in the SCADA system.

Chairman, GCC informed the house that DTL has integrated the status of its protective relays in the SCADA and is getting the status in the SLDC control room, Discoms were advised that the status of protective relays at their sub-stations should also be integrated in the SCADA system so that the reason of fault is immediately known to the person in the respective System Control. DGM(SLDC), DTL shall be the Nodal Officer for this work if any assistance is required by the Distribution Licensees.


In the end Chairman, GCC thanked every body for attending the meeting and it was decided that the next meting of GCC shall be held after four weeks, agenda points may be sent to the Convener, GCC at-least 10 days in advance.

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