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you are comfortable with your strength, and practice driv- ing in a safe area. You may resume driving when you are comfortable with your mobility and as recommended by your surgeon.

Sexual intercourse may be resumed at any time as long as it is comfortable.

During recovery, you should continue to be active in order to control your weight and muscle tone. It is generally two to three weeks before you can resume low- impact aerobic activities such as bicycling and swimming. You may be able to resume certain higher-impact activities after two to three months, but only upon the advice of your doctor. Remember, your new hip is artificial, and although made of extremely durable materials, it is subject to wear and tear.

After one to two months, many patients report having lit- tle or no pain at all. In the end, it is your responsibility to discuss and follow a plan set forward with your surgeon.

Medication/Pain Control

It is normal for you to have some discomfort during recov- ery. You will probably receive a prescription for pain medi- cation before you go home. If a refill is needed, plan ahead and call for a refill a few days before you run out of pills. Contact your surgeon if your discomfort or pain increases.

Special Instructions

The Anterior Approach seeks to remove serious restric- tions from your recovery period. In order to check up on your progress, you will likely be seen six weeks after your surgery, then again at six months and/or one year after your surgery. You should see your surgeon at least every other year after the first year.

Any infection must be promptly treated with proper anti- biotics, since infection can spread from one area to another through the blood stream. Every effort must be made to prevent infection in your artificial joint. You should always tell your dentist or physician that you have an artificial joint before undergoing any treatment.

Anterior Approach as described by Joel Matta, MD. This brochure was written in consultation with Joel Matta, MD & David Dodgin, MD. Image of hanaTMSurgical table courtesy of Orthopedic Systems, Inc. hanaTM is a trademark of Orthopedic Systems, Inc.


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