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the coast of Japan in 1945 and was in the occupation force at Yokosuka. Aer finishing high school and graduating from Dayton Art Institute in Ohio, Winters parlayed a local humor contest into features on the Jack Parr, Steve Allen, and Gary Moore television shows and success in films and as a writer.

  • e authors also include brief essays on a number

of Corps-related topics: Parris Island, Saipan, Camp Pendleton, Peleliu, Okinawa, Camp Ellio, and “Learning Japanese.” e four appendices also provide enlighten- ing information. “A Few More Good Men” lists 36 other actors who served in the USMC - quite a few comedi- ans - from Don Adams to Burt Young, with surprises such as Drew Cary, Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo), and former “presidential candidate” Pat Paulsen, to the not so surprising television and cinema actors Mike Far- rell (M*A*S*H), Glenn Ford, Sco Glenn (e Right Stuff, 1983), Warren Oates, and Bo Svenson. James Whitmore is also on this list but your reviewer wishes that he had been accorded a full profile – could anyone forget “Mac” in Leon Uris’s Marine Corps classic film Bale Cry (1955)? A second appendix, “Lillian Russell and Women in the Marines” documents World War I Recruiting Sergeant Russell and traces the history of women in Corps through 1997, noting that Marine second lieutenant Sarah Deal became the first woman naval aviator in 1995. (What ever happened to Ensign Casey “Sugar Britches” Seeger from the 1982 film An Officer and a Gentleman who wanted to “fly jets”? She must have washed out.) Another ad-

dition is “e Swinging Sounds of Bob Crosby’s Bands” profiles George Robert “Bob” Crosby, band director of the Fih Marine Division in the South Pacific, 1944-1945. Lastly, “Entertaining the Troops includes 21 images and captions illustrating Hollywood stars who assisted or vis- ited the troops - from Marion Davies in World War I through Charlton Heston in Vietnam. Mary Pickford, Joe E. Brown, Gary Cooper, Randy Sco, Danny Kaye, Jane Russell, Bob Hope, Martha Raye, and even John Wayne are among these luminaries.

  • e book is well wrien and very entertaining, and

the biographies are compelling, oen revealing lile- known facts, and are accompanied by many never- before-published photographs, making the volume a worthy companion to Stars in Blue as another “Who’s Who” in Hollywood and the USMC. A trip to the video- tape rental store will be in order for some film buffs, but scholars of military history will find much to enjoy and to inform.

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