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For both video e-mail, shown on the left above, and live video conferencing, shown on the right, there was good quality with no reduction of crispness and overall clarity using 800 X 600 resolution. Audio was always synchronized properly with video. The e-mail video was tightly integrated into Microsoft Outlook. The Dterm SP30 video display is shown on the right.

NEC's two softphone clients – the Dterm SP30 and the UC700 – offer even more features than the DT750 hard phone, particularly their ability to serve as video terminals.

The Dterm SP30 is a lightweight, client-based softphone that offers most UC functions with the exception of presence information. The UC700 is an enterprise-class client/server-based softphone with full presence availability and VIP call routing.

One of the key features of the UC700 was its close integration with the MC530 mobile client. Our tests of this integration demonstrated that a mobile user had virtually complete access to all the UC features available when in the office and

As do the other presence-capable endpoints in NEC's portfolio, the MC530 GUI presents three icons – in red, yellow and green – describing presence status (see image on Page One). A red light means the person is unavailable, green means available and yellow means possibly available.

Reaction speed of the presence function was evaluated by placing a call from the mobile device to the UC700 using the AT&T wireless network. We checked the time it took for the presence status light to change. In most cases, the indicator accurately switched color within 1.5 seconds of when we began dialing or otherwise altered our status.

using the UC700.

This integration was tested using different mobile units loaded with the

several MC530

As shown below, similar red and green "lights," displayed at the top of the MC530 GUI, tell the mobile user whether the device is connected to the cellular network or to a Wi-Fi network.

client, including a Blackberry 8700, Blackberry Curve 8300 and a Windows Mobile-based HTC TyTN smart phone.

What immediately caught our eyes were the MC530's displays for presence status and wireless network availability.

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