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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ATV Plow Base Kit WARN Part Number: 92100 Application: All Terrain Vehicles

Your safety, and the safety of others, is very important. To help you make informed decisions about safety, we have provided installation and operating instructions and other information on labels and in this guide. This information alerts you to potential hazards that could hurt you or others. It is not possible to warn you about all potential hazards associated with this product, you must use your own good judg- ment. CARELESS INSTALLATION AND OPERATION CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR EQUIPMENT DAMAGE. READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS AND OPERATING INSTRUC- TIONS BEFORE INSTALLING AND OPERATING THIS PRODUCT. This guide identifies potential hazards and has important safety messages that help you and others avoid personal injury or death. WARNING and CAUTION are signal words that identify the level of hazard. These signal words mean:

WARNING signals a hazard that could cause serious injury or death, if you do not follow


CAUTION signals a hazard that may cause minor to moderate injury, if you do

not follow recommendations. This guide uses NOTICE to call attention to important mechanical information, and Note: to emphasize

general information worthy of special attention.


INJURY HAZARD Failure to observe these instructions could lead to severe injury or death.

  • Always Read the Plow Operator’s Manual, the Winch Operator’s Manual and all warning labels before operating.

  • Always use extreme caution when drilling on any vehicle. Make sure that all fuel lines, brake lines, electrical wires, and other objects are not punctured or damaged when/if drilling on the vehicle. Thoroughly inspect the area to be drilled (on both sides of material) prior to drilling, and relocate any objects that may be damaged. Failure to inspect the area to be drilled may result in vehicle damage, electrical shock, fire or personal injury.

  • Always wear safety glasses when installing this kit. A drilling operation will cause flying metal chips. Flying chips can cause eye injury.

  • Always use extreme caution when cutting and trimming during fitting.

  • Always remove jewelry and wear eye protection.

  • Never lean over battery while making connections.

  • Never route electrical cables:

    • o

      Across any sharp edges.

      • o

        Through or near moving parts.

      • o

        Near parts that become hot.

  • Always insulate and protect all exposed wiring and electrical terminals.

  • Always install terminal boots as directed in installation instructions.

  • Always use appropriate and adequate care in lifting components into place.

  • Always insure components will remain secure during installation and operation.

  • Always tighten all nuts and bolts securely, per the installation instructions.

  • Always operate the vehicle at a walking speed with the blade installed. Never exceed 5 mph (8 km/h), even with blade up.

  • Always plow cautiously, impact with hidden or stationary object may cause the vehicle to stop suddenly or go out of control.

  • Never operate the vehicle on slopes greater than 10 degrees with the plow installed.

  • Never stand or ride on the plow.

  • Always stay clear of moving parts and joints. Always keep others away when operating or adjusting plow.

  • Always perform regular inspections and maintenance on the plow mechanism, fasteners, cable and related hardware.

  • Always replace all worn or damaged parts before operating.

  • Never operate this WARN product with damaged or missing parts.

  • Always drive slowly over bumpy and rough terrain. Driving at speeds that cause the plow to bounce while in the up position can cause the winch to back-drive, causing the plow to work its way down. This may result in the plow impacting a stationary object and cause damage to the vehicle and operator injury or death.

  • Always drive at speeds such that the plow does not bounce and be aware of the plow position while driving at all times.

  • Always be aware that the purpose of the j-bolt is to break the connection between the plow and the winch, to prevent serious damage to the ATV if the plow is raised too high. The plow blade will drop suddenly if the j-bolt breaks, so always be sure there are no bystanders when you raise and lower the plow.

  • Never raise the top of the plow above the headlights of the ATV, as it may damage the vehicle and plow.

  • Always replace a deformed or broken j-bolt with the spare j-bolt included in the kit.




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