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IATF - Comunicato

IATF COMMUNIQUÉ 15 October, 1999 Launch

"We have worked since 1996 to achieve harmonization of our supplier quality system requirements for the benefit of the automotive industry. As you may know, we have previously agreed to a common supplier automotive quality requirements document, ISO/TS 16949, which with the customer-specific attachments, satisfies our respective current requirements documents: AVSQ, EAQF, QS-9000 and VDA6.1. With ongoing support from executive management of the IATF participating organizations, at this time we are pleased to announce our agreement to a common global automotive registration scheme to ISO/TS 16949 which is recognized by all IATF participating organizations, and which includes common:

  • registration rules for certification bodies to follow to provide certificates to ISO/TS 16949;

  • contract language for global agreements with certification bodies and accreditation bodies;

  • third party auditor qualifications for the automotive registration scheme (above);

  • and ISO/TS 16949 auditor qualification process including the final examination.

In addition, IATF has established a common global oversight process which is responsible for administration of the automotive registration scheme to ISO/TS 16949 and which, by this communiqué, is immediately authorized to commence the common automotive registration process. Third party registrations issued through any other scheme will not be recognized by IATF or participating organizations therein. While not replacing the existing standards, AVSQ94, EAQF94, QS-9000 and VDA6.1, compliance with ISO/TS 16949, the associated customer specific requirements, and the above registration scheme, is accepted as the international equivalent by IATF participating organizations, eliminating multiple registrations. In the near future we plan to:

  • begin work on a revised ISO/TS 16949 to align with the ISO9001 year 2000 text;

  • provide the opportunity for other automotive manufacturers utilizing ISO 9001 based quality system requirements to participate in this alignment effort;

  • and continue work toward management of the global third party automotive registration scheme by a common international automotive organization.

We are confident ISO/TS 16949 and the common global registration scheme, implemented in the spirit of continuous improvement, will enhance quality systems while eliminating redundant requirements and thus reducing costs. In that spirit, the IATF welcomes suggestions how the document and its implementation may be improved. The principles detailed in this communiqué are endorsed and supported by the following vehicle manufacturers: BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, Ford, General Motors (including Opel-Vauxhall), PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Renault SA, Volkswagen, and the trade associations AIAG, ANFIA, FIEV, SMMT, and VDA, and which will follow, as appropriate, with individual communications consistent with their policies. [Note: Copies of the standard ISO/TS 16949 are available from AIAG (USA), AFNOR (France), ANFIA (Italy), SMMT (UK) and VDA (Germany), respective National Standards bodies, and ISO Geneva.]

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