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Quaint Christmas Customs

Top 10 Pinoy Christmas Carols

These are strange Filipino rituals and practices during Christmas. Some of these are unheard of and a bunch are already forgotten, reminiscences of a rich cultural past. These may be unknown to other Filipinos but are still being practiced in certain local areas.

Colacion - the penitential fasting of food by the Visayans from 12 years and adults

Daigon - the Nativity drama of the Visayan compared to Tagalog’s Panunuluyan

Panawagan - a Nativity pageant in Kawit, Cavite

Posada - the Nativity drama in the northern provinces

Pakaon - a representation of Joseph, Mary and the Child Jesus in a dining table for lunch

Niño Hesus Visitation - a statue of the Child Jesus is brought by older nuns to several houses in the Ilocan- dia towns

Plaza Bonfire - a bonfire is built on Christmas Eve in the town plaza by the Visayans

Carnival and Rigodon de Honor - a day party for the needy children by the Western Visayan elite

Acrobats, Clowns, Warriors - to delight the early crowd of the Misa de Gallo in Cebu

Igi-ige - a nine-day pageant of two groups of carollers in Bohol

10. Boom Tarat Tarat (Pasko Na). Sung by Willie Revillame, this song is fast becoming a favorite among the Filipinos. A Christmas version of the original song Boom Tarat Tarat, it makes the listener dance and sing with it. The song invites the people to unite and share.

9. Sana Ngayong Pasko. Popularized by Ariel Rivera, this has been making a comeback in the airwaves because of the new television commercial about a family hoping to be with their father who is working overseas, on Christmas day.

8. Sa Paskong Darating. This carol conveys that Christmas is really for childrens. The singer plays Santa Claus who would give good children— as mentioned in the song, “...mansanas (apple), at ubas (grapes). May kendi at tosokolate (‘candies and chocolates)...”

7. Himig ng Pasko. Interpreted by Apo Hiking Society, this is more mellow than the usual native christmas carols. The melody and pleasant harmony of voices gives a peaceful feeling to everyone listening.

Snake-like Ring Dances - carolling and dancing in Bicolan-

dia towns Aetas Sambual-ay - the chanting by the Aetas of the

Mindanao mountains Christmas Cañao - a feast by the Igorots of Sinapaoan and

Banti-nan, Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya Selamat Hari-raya - is celebrated by the Muslims when

the feast of Hari-raya coincides...

6. Mano po Ninong, Mano po Ninang . This expresses the Filipino tradition of children greeting their Ninong (godfather) and Ninang (godmother) on Christmas day. They would either kiss or make ‘mano’ (touching of forehead to the hand of the elder as a Filipino sign of respect) to their godparents expecting to be given an ...

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