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Purchase Agreement for C&C 27 “Name”

Year Serial #

Yanmar 2GM Serial #

Licence #

Located in


Name, Address, Phone #, e-mail


Name, Address, Phone #, e-mail

Name, Address, Phone #, e-mail

The above purchasers hereby offer to purchase “name” a 19??1 C&C 27, white hull and deck, teak interior wood, teak and holly sole and aluminum mast, boom and spinnaker pole.  Boat includes all equipment, sails, rigging etc. as described in the attached inventory.  In addition, assorted docklines, a Force 10 propane barbeque and extra filters, water pump impeller, winch covers and a cockpit cover are also included.  

In accepting this offer, the seller confirms that the boat is free of all liens or obligations, encumbrance of any nature and will convey to the purchaser at the time of final payment a transfer of registration and title.

Until the time of the completion of the sale the seller is responsible for storage, care and insurance, and in the event that the boat is damaged or destroyed before the Buyer takes possession of it, the Buyer shall have the option of canceling and nullifying the purchase and sale, and in such case the seller shall return any deposit already paid.

The seller will place all of the boat’s equipment and gear on board the boat for transportation, except the mast which is located in a mast rack on the side of the storage building.  Prior to the final sale the buyer will have access to the boat for reasons of a survey or general inspection.  The seller warrants that the Yanmar diesel engine is being sold with the boat and is in working order at the time of sale.

The buyer agrees to pay $XX,000 in total for the purchase of Name and the listed equipment. A deposit of $X,X00 (10%) is included with this offer. Acceptance of the deposit shall be confirmation of acceptance of the terms of this offer. Within 14 days of accepting this offer, the seller shall sign this offer and return it to the purchaser as a receipt.

The balance of the purchase price, $ XX,000 , less $500 as noted below ($XX,000 - 500), shall be payable in a bank cashier cheque on or before acceptance of the boat, which shall happen on or before DDD. The Seller will provide the purchaser or his/her representative access to the boat for transportation from the seller’s site.  

At the time of acceptance of the boat, the purchaser shall also provide the seller with a separate cheque in the amount of $500.00, which may be post-dated no later than one month after date of acceptance of the boat. This “hold-back” is in consideration of the warranty provided by the seller that the Yanmar engine is in good working order at the time of sale. This sum may only be

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