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Your rights when you want to discontinue your phone service

You can discontinue your phone service at any time. However, there are conditions associated with ending your phone service. In most circumstances, you will be expected to provide the phone company with reasonable advance notice that you wish to end your phone service.

Before you cancel your phone service, you should be aware of the minimum contract period you have entered into with your phone company. Most customers are subject to a one-month minimum contract period.

If you want to end phone service after the end of your contract period, you will only have to pay the charges incurred up to the date that your service ends, provided that you have given your phone company reasonable advance notice.

If you want to end phone service before the end of your contract period, additional charges may apply.

There are circumstances when the rules regarding ending phone service are different, such as when someone takes over a customer's phone service, if a customer's home becomes uninhabitable for reasons beyond the customer's control, or in the event of a customer's death. Since these circumstances are very specific, you should consult your phone company or refer to the "Terms of Service" found in your white pages for more information.

Your right to block outgoing long distance and 900 and 976 calls

You can have outgoing long distance calls and 900 and 976 calls blocked. You have the right to have charges for calls to 900 and 976 services waived by the phone company the first time they are reasonably disputed.

Your phone company can set up your phone service so that long distance phone calls cannot be made from your telephone. This long distance blocking service is free, and there is no monthly charge.

Where available, 900 and 976 services are pay-per-call services that connect you to live or pre-recorded information such as chat lines, sports scores, or weather forecasts. You have the right to block outgoing 900 and 976 calls from your telephone. You will not be charged the first time you set up 900 or 976 call blocking service, and no monthly charges apply. There may be a maximum charge of $10 each time you decide to deactivate or reactivate the blocking service thereafter.

Responsibility for 900 and 976 calls You have the right to reasonably dispute 900 and 976 charges. The phone company will waive these charges from your bill the first time they are reasonably disputed. The phone company may offer to provide you with 900 and 976 blocking service and if you do not accept this service, you will be responsible for paying all future 900 and 976 charges that appear on your bill.

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