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Cash Rewards

Independent Business Owners (IBOs) will be eligible for the following pin and cash awards in the 2001-2002 fiscal year.

SIP Pin Qualifications

Gold Producer

A Gold Producer is an IBO below the Platinum level who has attained any three qualified Silver Producer/Platinum months within the fiscal year. Overlap rule applies for first-time qualifiers.

Founders Platinum A Founders Platinum is an IBO below Sapphire who has attained 12 months of Platinum qualification in a fiscal year.

Founders Ruby A Founders Ruby is an IBO who has attained 12 months of Ruby qualification at 15,000 Ruby volume in a fiscal year.

Sapphire A Sapphire is an IBO below Emerald who has 2 qualified North American legs and 2,500 Award Volume on the side or 3 qualified North American legs for 6 months in a fiscal year.

Not to be used with prospects.

Founders Sapphire A Founders Sapphire is an IBO below Emerald who maintains Sapphire qualification for 12 months in a fiscal year.

Founders Emerald A Founders Emerald is an IBO below Diamond who sponsors 3 North American legs each of which qualify for 12 months in a fiscal year.

1. Pin-based OTCA The following schedule shows the one-time cash awards which IBOs are eligible for when they attain specific pin levels.


A W A R D1

New Gold Producer


New Platinum


New Founders Platinum


New Sapphire


1If multiple achievements of Gold Producer to Sapphire are attained in the same year, all appropriate awards will be paid. An IBO is considered to be at a “new” pin level if they have not previously achieved that level or a higher level.

2. Annual Q-12 Pin and Cash Award All Platinums and above may be eligible for the Q-12 Pin and Cash Award, which is based on 12 Q-12 months within the fiscal year. A Q-12 month can be attained in any of the following ways:

  • 1.

    Attain 7,500 Personal Volume2, or

  • 2.

    Attain 4,000 Personal Volume over a qualified 25% Sponsor or Silver Producer leg that does not include a Platinum.

  • 3.

    Attain 2,500 Personal Volume over two or more qualified 25% Sponsor or Silver Producer legs that do not include a Platinum.

If 12 months cannot be achieved by the qualifications listed above, alternative Q-12 qualification can be attained by reach- ing 100,000 annualized Personal Volume. Qualifiers that utilize 100,000 annualized Personal Volume will count as 12-month legs for their upline GETFAA, Peter Island, FAA, and Yacht Equivalency Incentive qualifications.

This award can be paid in addition to other one-time cash awards.

2Includes all Personal Group volume and pass-up volume from Silver Producer legs. Does not include pass-up volume from Platinums.

LEVEL Q-12 Cash Award

AWARD $10,000

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