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Sales Incentive Program

3. GETFAA-based OTCA GETFAA is an incentive that was implemented for IBOs on their way toward the Founders Achievement Award. It pro- vides one-time cash payments to Sapphires and above who have strong, consistent leg qualifications. (Please note that FAA qualifiers may not participate in this program.) Leg credits are calculated as follows:

  • 6- to 11-month North American qualified leg = .5 leg credit

  • 12-month North American qualified leg = 1.0 leg credit

The following GETFAA cash awards are available to IBOs who reach their established GETAA goal.

Business Conferences



1.5 NA leg credits


2.0 NA leg credits


2.5 NA leg credits


3.0 NA leg credits


3.5 NA leg credits


4.0 NA leg credits


4.5 NA leg credits


5.0 NA leg credits


5.5 NA leg credits


6.0 NA leg credits


6.5 NA leg credits


7.0 NA leg credits


7.5 NA leg credits


  • GETFAA qualifiers are paid at the maximum level their business attains, as long as their goal for the fiscal year is reached.

  • Depending on when you qualified for Sapphire or Emerald, a GETFAA base is established for you, and your GETFAA goal is listed on your Monthly Data Sheet. Your goal for 2001-2002 will be reset to reflect .5 leg credit higher than what your business actually achieved in 2000-2001 (minimum of 1.5 leg credits). If you have any questions about your GETFAA base or goal, please call Business Relations. Note: Diamonds with fewer than 8 FAA credits are also eligible to participate in the GETFAA program.

4. “Every Dollar Counts” Emerald Growth Promotion All qualified Emeralds and above are incentivized to grow their business in 2001-2002. Each participant will receive a baseline of their total business volume achieved during 2000-2001 (down to and excluding the next qualified Emerald). For every $15 BV of growth their business achieves in 2001-2002, they will receive a cash award of $1 (e.g., an Emerald or above who grows $200,000 BV above their previous fiscal year’s volume will receive a $13,333 cash award!).

Diamond Club 2002 will convene on the beautiful island of Kauai.

IBOs are eligible to receive an invitation to any of the four Business Conferences listed below. The invitations are based on each IBO’s business achievements.3

3To be eligible for Business Conference invitations, IBOs must be in good standing and meet all IBO requirements set forth in the Rules of Conduct, Business Reference Guide and other publications.

1. Achievers Invitational To be eligible for an invitation to the Achievers Invitational, an IBO must qualify in one of the following ways:

  • 1.

    All Platinums and above who attain the Q-12 qualification in fiscal 2001-2002 will be eligible for an Achievers invitation.4

  • 2.

    Qualify as a new Sapphire.

  • 3.

    Qualify for a GETFAA One-Time Cash Award.4

  • 4.

    Qualify as a new Emerald.

  • 5.

    Re-qualify as an Emerald with 30,000 annualized Personal Volume* (average 2,500 PV monthly).

  • 6.

    Qualify as an Executive Diamond or above.

4 Qualified Diamonds who achieve either of these criteria will be eligible to receive an invitation.

  • *

    Includes all Personal Group Volume and Pass-up Volume from Silver Producer legs.

Does not include pass-up from Platinum.

2. Diamond Club Diamond Club continues to be a leadership forum for which IBOs are eligible when they qualify at the Diamond level or above.

3. Executive Diamond Club Executive Diamond Club continues to be a leadership forum for which IBOs are eligible when they qualify at the Executive Diamond level or above.

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