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Sales Incentive Program

4. Peter Island Program

The Peter Island Program continues to be a leadership forum for which IBOs are eligible when they qualify as a new Diamond, and thereafter as they grow their Diamond business. The program recognizes growth on the basis of adding a new leg, strengthening an existing leg to a 12-month qualification, or maintaining Diamond and Emerald legs. Peter Island credits are attained in the following way:

  • 6- to 11-month North American qualified leg = .5 leg credit

  • 12-month North American qualified leg = 1.0 leg credit

Peter Island invitations are automatically awarded to first-time Diamonds. Subsequent invitations are awarded on the basis of incremental growth. Your goal for 2001-2002 will be .5 leg credit higher than what your business actually achieved in 2000-2001 (minimum of 4.5 leg credits).

Any qualified Diamond with 9.0 NA leg credits will be eligible for an invitation regardless of growth. If 12.0 credits are attained, the qualified Diamond will be eligible for an invitation and will be allowed one discretionary invitation that could be assigned to a qualified Diamond who did not already qualify under the program rules.

NEW! An alternative way to qualify for a Peter Island invitation is based on North American Diamond, Emerald, Q-12, and 6- to 11-month legs. Alternative Peter Island credits can be earned as follows:

  • NA Diamond Bonus leg = 3.0 credits

  • NA Emerald Bonus leg = 1.5 credits

  • NA 12-month leg = 1.0 credit

  • NA 6- to-11-month leg = .5 credit

Qualified Diamonds and above who achieve 12 alternative Peter Island credits will be awarded one trip, and at 18 credits, two trips will be awarded regardless of growth.

This program does not provide for the banking of invitations; however, there is no penalty for overqualification.

5. NEW! Yacht Equivalency Incentive Trip The Yacht Equivalency Incentive Trip adds a new spice to the Diamond business. The program awards a Peter Island equivalent trip to Diamonds and above that reach 14 FAA credits or more. FAA credits are earned as follows:

Business Conferences

Peter Island is the ultimate business conference venue.

Domestic Legs

Diamond Bonus leg

3.0 credits

Emerald Bonus leg

1.5 credits

12-month leg

1.0 credit

International Legs #2 Diamond Bonus leg #2 Emerald Bonus leg

3.0 credits 1.5 credits

#2 12-month leg Other 12-month leg

1.0 credit 0.5 credit

Not to be used with prospects.

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